Why hockey camp for your kid will make you the first star

Whether you want your little one to stay active and healthy during the summer break or you're hoping they will one day become the next Wayne Gretzky, hockey training camp is a great idea.

Not only does hockey training camp ensure your child doesn’t spend the summer sitting in front of the computer or television screen, it also helps them develop skills that can eventually help them both on and off the ice.

What is hockey training camp?

There are plenty of different types of hockey training camps, so generalizing is a bit hard. Some training camps involve overnight stays where your child may be away for weeks at a time. At other camps you drop your child off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon or evening, with the full training camp spread out over the entire summer.

Other camps have specific focuses. There are, for example, camps for girls or boys, camps for goalies, camps for different age groups and for different experience levels. Regardless of these specifics, a hockey training camp, at its most basic, is where your child goes to develop and practice his or her hockey skills. Most hockey training camps finish their season with a hockey tournament that parents are allowed to attend.

Improving your child’s skills

If you want your child to improve his or her hockey skills then hockey training camp has huge benefits. Children at the camp learn stickhandling techniques and how to improve their passing, skating, and shooting skills. While much of the action happens on the ice, not all of it does. Outdoor and other off-ice activities are also included, which may include strength training, swimming, running, and even mountain climbing.

These different activities will help your child develop skills that will not only make them a great player, but which can also prove beneficial for life outside of hockey. Furthermore, some of the top-rated camps are even taught by former NHL coaches and players and are affiliated with specific NHL teams.

Other benefits for you and your child

Hockey camp isn’t solely about making your child a better hockey player. Most importantly, hockey training camp should be fun. For many children, the experience is one that they will never forget and it often gives them an opportunity to meet new friends. Furthermore, hockey training camp keeps your child active during the summer when they otherwise may be glued to the TV or playing video games. Hockey camp is also great for you as a parent as it gives you a bit of time to relax and unwind while the little ones are honing their puck control.

Costs and practicalities

The cost of hockey training camp varies widely. Expect to pay at least a couple hundred dollars on the low end, while overnight hockey camps can cost more than $1,000. Also, while many camps will provide your child with hockey jerseys, you will have to provide the hockey gear, including hockey skates and hockey sticks. Due to safety considerations, you may also have to provide a record of your child’s medical history.

Hockey training camp is a great summertime activity that will keep your child healthy, allow them to meet new friends, and help them improve their skills on the ice. If you want to give your child an experience this summer that they will remember for a lifetime then enrolling them in hockey training camp is the way to go.

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