You never know who will end up with your old treasures…

One of our staff members, Kelly, had a great story about selling a trivia game on Kijiji. You never know who is going to end up with your items!

We recently moved to a new house. As I was going through my leftover eBay stock from my powerseller days, I stumbled upon an old Beverly Hills 90210 game. I recalled trying to sell it on eBay and had no offers. But it was too cool to donate back to Value Village, so I held on to it, knowing one day it would fall into the right hands. Little did I know that it would fall into the hands of one of the cast members!

I posted the game on Kijiji, along with some other retro items I had. While I was away in NY on a business trip, I received an email from “Joe”, indicating he was in Toronto working on set with Jason Priestley and was hoping to get this game as a “prank”. Upon hearing that my game may actually go to Brandon Walsh himself, I worked with my husband to get this game delivered to Joe. I told Joe I would waive the $5 price tag on it if he would send me a photo of Mr. Priestley holding it. He indicated that he would try. My husband facilitated the transaction since I was out of country. Joe could not meet him until midnight one night as he was working late. My husband, exhausted from packing, indicated he would leave the game on our front porch. The exchange happened, and I did not hear back from Joe. I followed up with Joe when I returned from my business trip, only to have my email fall on deaf ears. Or so I thought. I was away on another business trip when I got a text from my husband, with a photo attached, and a short note apologizing for not sending the photo sooner.

Nothing like a blast from the past off Kijiji to take you down memory lane!
Nothing like a blast from the past off Kijiji to take you down memory lane!

My husband asked why Jason looked like he was yelling in the photo, to which Joe replied “because he was losing”.

What’s your best Kijiji success story? Have you ever had a Kijiji celebrity encounter? Share your fun Kijiji stories with us!

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