5 extra home heating tips for cooler weather

For a lot of people, especially those living in the coldest parts of the country, winter is best spent indoors and as far away as possible from the blustery snow and winds outside.

The problem, however, is that for many their primary heating system, whether it be with central heating or boilers, just doesn’t provide enough warmth during the darkest days of winter. To truly stay warm when it’s cold outside, consider supplementing your home heating system with one of these five heating ideas.

Stand-alone heaters

Stand-alone electric heaters are the go-to option for most people who are looking to supplement their main heating system. These heaters can be bought at most hardware and department stores and they tend to be very cheap (although more expensive options are certainly available). Another great advantage of these heaters is that they can be moved easily from one room to the next.

Heating boards/panels

For a more permanent heating option, installing heating boards/panels may be a more attractive choice. As with stand-alone heaters, boards and panels are powered by electricity, which in some provinces may make them a bit expensive. On the other hand, because they are fixed in place they generally look better than stand-alone heaters and can even replace a central heating system entirely.

Fireplace inserts

Who says home heating can’t be beautiful? Gas, wood, and pellet fireplaces make for a permanent addition to your room and provide a spectacular focal point as well. They are also, of course, excellent at home heating and can be designed to deliver heat even to rooms where the fireplace itself is not located. If you cannot invest in installing a real fireplace, there are also electric fireplaces that radiate heat and look just like the real thing, but which don’t produce any actual fire and are therefore cheaper and more portable.

Radiator reflectors

For homes and apartments that are heated by boilers, radiator reflectors are an effective and cheap way of getting the most out of the existing heating system. These radiator panels sit behind the actual radiators and they perform two main tasks. First, they reflect some of the heat from the radiator back into the room. Secondly, they ensure that less of the heat from the radiator is lost through the wall (and thus remains in the room).

Heated floors

In some parts of the world, particularly in East Asia, underfloor heating has long been used as the main central heating system in many homes. In North America, heated floors are still a bit uncommon, but they have been growing in popularity in recent years. Underfloor heating is an especially attractive option for a bathroom or kitchen, since it keeps warm and toasty what would otherwise be a cold tile floor. While underfloor heating isn’t as cheap as some options on this list, it is far more affordable than many people realize.

Winter is just around the corner and your home heating system may not always be able to contend with the worst that Mother Nature has in store. By supplementing your central heating system with one of the above options, you will ensure your home stays warm and comfortable even when the snow and thermostat are both falling outside.

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