Bathroom reno? How to do it for less

Is your bathroom starting to look a bit dated? Are you getting tired looking at the same old tiles every day? Then it may be time for a bathroom renovation.

Giving your bathroom a makeover can give this small but important room a great new look while also increasing the value of your home. However, bathroom renovations often cost a lot of money and the prospect of spending tens of thousands of dollars on one tiny room tends to scare off most homeowners from ever tackling a bathroom remodel. Luckily, with the following tips, you can renovate your bathroom while staying well within your budget.

What can you do yourself?

One of the best ways to save money on your bathroom remodel is by doing as much of the work yourself. You should feel confident about tackling some small jobs yourself. Painting the bathroom, for example, is something that can be done by yourself in a couple of days. Even installing the toilet and sink are easier than you might think so long as you have help with the heavy lifting.

Lighting changes everything

It’s amazing what good lighting can do. The problem with your current bathroom may not be that it’s dated and worn down, but that harsh lighting is making you notice its flaws. Investing in softer, more modern lighting doesn’t cost very much, but it makes a world of difference in terms of giving your bathroom new life. What’s even better is that installing new light fixtures is an easy DIY project that can usually be completed within a day.

What can be covered over?

What drives up the cost of many bathroom renovations is that homeowners often rip out their entire bathrooms and rebuild them from scratch. If elements of your bathroom are suffering from mold, mildew, or rot then you definitely need to replace them. If, however, they are just a bit dated but don’t present a health or safety issue then you may want to consider covering them up instead. For example, maybe the bathroom wall has some dents and holes in it. Instead of replacing the wall outright, you could cover it up with wainscoting to give it a fresh look while also saving money.

Going vintage? Buy used

If you want your bathroom to have a vintage look (and who doesn’t?), then don’t waste money buying brand new items that are only pretending to look old. Instead, save time and give your bathroom a more authentic vintage look by buying your items used, either online or by checking out your local antique stores and flea markets. The items you buy used can range from an antique towel holder to a dramatic-looking clawfoot tub. Because these items are used, they will make your bathroom more unique and authentic looking.

The cost of a bathroom renovation can be downright astronomical, but it doesn’t have to be so long as you identify areas of your bathroom that can be upgraded inexpensively. You will have a bathroom that looks stunning and increases your home’s value but doesn’t end up breaking the bank.

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