How to buy second-hand home repair tools easily

With warm weather just around the corner, it's a great time to start shopping for tools to make upcoming spring cleaning and home repairs easier.

Looking for second hand tools for sale can be a great way to save on home repairs and maintenance. High-quality tools are designed to last, so you have a great chance of finding the pieces you need in good working condition.

Whether you’re planning on doing basic home improvement, undertaking a renovation, or working on your landscaping this season, the right tools make the job easier. To help you get started, here’s a quick buying guide for second hand tools:

Choosing Tools to Shop For

Before starting your search for used tools for sale, consider the projects you want to take on. Make sure that you’re looking for the best tools for the job. Many tools, especially power tools, feature highly specific technical details that affect their function. Research the size and capabilities to find the right match for your tasks. Identify which brands are considered high-quality for the tools you need, as these brands often are designed more durably.

Finding the Right Tools

If you’re wondering where to buy second hand tools, online is an ideal place to start. On a site like Kijiji, it’s simple to type in exactly what you are looking for into the search form, and instantly narrow your results to relevant items. This also allows you to shop all over your area from the comfort of your own home. Thrift shops, yard sales and pawn shops can be good places to search for used tools for sale, but finding the right equipment may be much more hit-and-miss when shopping this way.

Evaluating Quality

It’s important to pay attention to the condition second-hand tools are in to ensure that they are safe and still have plenty of use left in them. This is especially important when checking over used power tools, as issues may be harder to spot initially. When examining power tools for sale, inspect the cords for any fraying or damage. Avoid tools with electrical tape repairs to the cord, or significant wear on the prongs. For items such as cordless drills, that come with a battery, check that there are no signs of leakage or physical damage, and make sure that the battery charger is included. Try to buy models that are only a few years old to ensure that the battery will hold a charge. If you have a chance to test the tool, switch it on and see whether the motor runs smoothly. Inspect the ventilation system to be sure it has been kept clean and clear. It is simpler to evaluate low-tech tools such as hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, axes, and pruning shears. Make sure that handles feel solid, tool heads are securely attached and any rust or wear is minimal.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready with a good foundation on how to buy used tools. Whether you’re simply replenishing your home tool kit, or looking for landscaping or workshop tools, second-hand items are ideal for giving you high quality for a lower cost.

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