DIY: Checklist to winterize your home

Are you and your home ready to brave the coldest months of the year head on, or have you been lax with some of your winter preparations?

Failure to brace for winter weather might mean more than just a higher heating bill. It could cause unforeseen damage to your dwelling and unnecessarily chilly conditions that could negatively affect your family.

Instead of advocating for everyone wear extra layers, why not take some steps to winterize your home? Here are seven great tips for ensuring your home will feel less like an igloo and more like a beach cabana come the height of snow season.

Wonderland Windows

You may have air leaks present in your home, and if you do, caulking them might be the answer. Properly applied caulk creates a barrier that stops your home from letting in the cold and releasing warmth. You’ll want to make sure you apply caulk during the warmer months; this will help the material adhere to the surface correctly. If you’re far from handy, search Kijiji for skilled trade providers who can perform the task for you.

Tempting Temperatures

Setting your oven clock will save you time, but programming your thermostat for when you’re home and away will save you money. Today, you’ll find smart thermostats with app-enabled features. Some of these devices even learn your preferences over time; they’ll help regulate the temperature so you can focus on other winterizing tasks at hand.

Filter Swap

Dirty furnace filters should be replaced monthly during the winter. Dirty filters could cost you more than just a little warmth. A clean filter eliminates debris and allows air to flow unabated. Display sense, and don’t dispense cents unnecessarily. Create a reminder to replace that filter regularly.

White Goes Green

If you fancy yourself a green thumb or a budding horticulturist, you may think this reminder is a little basic. But casual cultivators may be surprised to learn that winter ravages many plants. It can catch those budding essential herb gardens off guard. If possible, relocate your greens inside to an appropriately sunny spot. Otherwise, you may be starting over come spring.

Mud-Caked Mats


Sludge and slush should stay outside. Create a little space at the entrance and exit most frequently used to contain the mess and reduce snow stress. Carefully placed welcome mats, bins for boots, and even cleaning wipes will keep your shoes shiny and the floors free from watery footprints.

A Hoodie for Your House

In the depths of winter, we might leave our house wearing four or more layers of clothing. Why should we outfit our house with any less? Insulation is a great way to ensure that you’re not losing precious heat. Poorly insulated walls can account for 20 percent of heat loss in a home. There are several ways to address home insulation, and the techniques vary depending on whether you’re addressing an attic or external walls. Natural Resources Canada further reviews the benefits in their “Keeping the Heat In” guide for homeowners.

Home Is Where the Hearth Is

Just the sight of a crackling fire on a cold winter night can instantly warm you up. But as cozy as they are, fireplaces and chimneys come with unique challenges when it comes to keeping warm air in and cold air out. Your chimney can be fitted with an air plug to prevent air loss when it’s not in use. Consider calling a chimney specialist who can advise you on the best ways to make your fireplace work for you.

We’re Ready, Winter!

Take these tips into account, and you’ll be ready to start examining the opportunities in your house that could present problems once December and January are at your doorstep. Give your house the once-over now so you can beat back the weather and enjoy the warmest winter of your life. Find winterizing supplies today on Kijiji!


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