DIY for your home: How to make vintage picture frames

Don’t have enough frames to hold all of the photos you have lying around the house? We’ve got you covered. Try out this framing technique and go down memory lane while decorating your place, too!

Find antique frames

To make sure you have the right material for the project, head to Kijiji to find unique antique frames in various styles and colours.

Get ready 

In addition to frames, make sure to have your favourite colour of paint, paintbrushes, a hobby knife, a cork board, a stapler, pliers, a hot glue gun, push pins, twine, and photo clips.

Paint your frames

Grab your paint and paint brush, and give your frame a layer of paint. Once the first layer is done, let your frame dry, and then give it a second coat.

Trim and glue cork board

Once your frame is dry, flip it around and measure it to see how much you’ll have to trim your cork board. Once you’ve measured and trimmed, line the inside of your frame with an even layer of hot glue and insert your cork board. Hold it tightly for 5 seconds and press down on all of the edges to make sure it sticks!

Attach twine and clips

Once your cork board is glued onto your frame, insert some pins along the top, and bottom of the board. Next, attach some twine along the pins. Once you have even strings of twine along your cork board, attach some photo pins.

Put up photos

Take your photos and attach them to the photo clips. Admire your work and soak in those memories!

Head to Kijiji to sell your creations by posting an ad today.

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