Decoration ideas: How to turn any cart into a colourful bar cart

Have you gained a recent interest in mixology? Are you looking for a unique way to brighten up your living room? Then you need a colourful new bar cart. Not only will it be a fun addition to your home but it’ll allow you to practice your drink-making skills in style.

Roll out your cart

The first thing you’ll need for this project is a cart. If you don’t already own one, head to Kijiji to find a variety of styles of carts.


Next, grab a paintbrush and your favourite colour of paint and start painting! Make sure to paint every section of the bar cart to ensure it looks uniform. After applying a first layer, wait a few minutes and apply another one if needed. If you’re feeling extra artistic, consider using stencils to make designs, too!

Let it dry

Grab a book, watch an episode of your favourite show, just make sure you don’t touch the wet paint! To ensure it’s dry, let the paint settle for a couple of hours.

Fill (and party) it up! 

Once your bar cart is dry, grab some wine glasses and liquor glasses, an ice bucket, some reusable straws, some lemons and limes, and some bottles. Consider putting in a vase of flowers for a nice extra touch. Now, grab a drink and have fun!

Head to Kijiji to sell your creations by posting an ad today.

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