How to decorate your home with a DIY macrame t-shirt hanging plant holder

Not sure what to do with those old t-shirts you have lying around? Turn them into plant hangers! With a bit of cutting, knot-tying, and painting, your t-shirts will have a new purpose in no time!

Cut up your tees

Grab some t-shirts and lay them down on a flat surface. Cut them into even horizontal strips, throwing away the collar area.

Tie them up

Align all of the strips evenly and tie them together into a knot at the top, making sure that the strips are all even. Next, separate the strands into groups of two. Next, tie a knot with each group of two strands about three inches down from the top of the first knot. Next, take one strand from each group of strands and tie them to another strand in a different group about three inches further down, leaving one strip at each end free. Once all of the other knots have been tied, take the two free strips and tie them together at the base to make a basket-like formation. Tie your plant hanger together by attaching a metal ring to the top end of the t-shirt strands, where it will be able to hang on a hook. Take a plant pot and rest it in the t-shirt pot to make sure it fits.

Paint your pot

Take some tape, and section off parts of the pot to create a unique design. Now, take your favourite colour of paint and paint between the sections of tape. Let your paint dry then remove the tape to see your work.

Get planting!

Fill your pot with some soil. Add in your plant. Put your potted plant into your t-shirt hanger and hang it on a hook. Admire your work. Don’t forget to water your plant!

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