DIY project for your home: How to refresh the look of an old chair

Found a great deal for chairs on Kijiji but they don’t fit in with your decor? Pick out some fun fabric, grab some fresh paint, and give your chair a stylish makeover!

Off with the old

Before you get started, lay out a tarp on an open space on your floor to make sure to avoid any drips and scrapes. Next, using a drill or a screwdriver, strip the old cover of the chair from its frame.

Strip the cover

Remove the cover of the chair cushion by carefully removing the staples using a staple remover or a screwdriver. Once you’ve removed all of the staples, remove the cover and dispose of the staples.

Choose the pattern

Lay your choice of fabric on a flat surface and place your cushion upside down against it. Next, cut your fabric leaving about 4 inches around each side of the cushion to ensure you’re able to easily cover the whole thing. Using a staple gun, secure your new fabric onto the back side of the cushion.

Add colour

Now that you’ve re-touched your cushion, it’s time to retouch your chair! Sand down the existing paint to make sure it’s smooth and even. Next, using your favourite colour of wood paint, paint your chair. After painting a first coat, allow your chair to dry before applying a second layer. Then, let your chair dry again.

Put it back and chill

Once the paint on the chair has dried, attach your new seat cushion using a drill. Now, sit down and relax!

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