DIY project for your home: How to make a unique wood pallet coffee table

Looking for an original furniture piece to tie your living room together? We’ve got just the thing. Grab any old wood pallet and follow along to turn it into a new, stylish coffee table!

Set up and prepare

Before you get started, lay out a tarp on an open space on your floor to make sure to avoid any drips and scrapes. Next, place your wood pallet on the tarp and sand it down with some sand paper to make it smooth. Once it’s sanded, take some tape and section off parts of the pallet to make a unique design.


Grab your two favourite colours of paint. With one colour, paint the sectioned part of the pallet, and with the other, paint the rest of the pallet. Allow an hour for the paint to dry.

Install wheels

Flip your pallet upside down on the tarp and grab some wheels. Using a drill and a screwdriver, place the wheels on the four corners of the pallet.

Top your table

Once the wheels are secured, flip your table back around and top it with your favourite items. Enjoy!

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