Helpful tips for selling your furniture and home décor on Kijiji

If you have unwanted furniture or home décor items, you can earn cash by selling them on Kijiji. Here are some helpful tips to selling like a pro and getting top dollar for your household items.

Take inventory

Get out that pen and paper or open a fresh spreadsheet. It’s time to start selling. The first thing to do is to get organized. What better way to take inventory of everything you have to sell than by making an easily accessible database.

Prepare what you want to sell

When you sell furniture online, it’s important to make your items look their best. Buyers want a bargain, but they also want to get the best-looking furniture for their money. You can justify selling your desk, couch or floor lamp by giving it a little TLC before you start taking pictures.
Spend some time cleaning and repairing your furniture. We recommend even going as far as throwing your cushion covers in the wash or repolishing scuffed wood.

Take great photos

Uploading great photos is key to selling your ad. The most important thing to keep in mind is that lighting is everything. Take pictures on a sunny day, remembering to clean up the background first. Because you know buyers are going to ask this question anyway, it’s best to put an honest foot forward by taking pictures of any wear and tear. And don’t forget to make sure the camera is in focus!
Want more photography advice? Check out this helpful guide.

Write a great ad

Okay, here’s the big one. Before you do anything else, make sure that you have selected the right city and selling category. Next, write a catchy title. Consider what keywords a buyer will use when searching for an item, and make sure it’s descriptive. Remember that you’re up against other sellers, so the body of the ad should be well-written, polite, succinct and answer all the questions a buyer might have about your furniture or home décor. Here’s what else to include in your ad:
  • Dimensions
  • Age, wear and tear
  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Delivery options
Check out this article for more advice about writing a great Kijiji ad and Watch Kijiji Tips to learn more about selling items online to make money from home.

Price fairly

Chances are, people looking at your ad have been to an online garage sale before, so they know a fair price when they see one. The easiest way to find out if you’re pricing too high or too low is to check out ads for similar items. You can take into account your item’s age, condition and original price tag, but it should be in the same ballpark.

Transact with care

We highly recommend you consider offering contactless transactions. You can check off COVID-friendly filters, such as delivery/drop off, curbside pickup or shipping on Kijiji Village. Learn more about how to make contactless transactions.

Purchase ad features

Do you want to sell used furniture or home décor in a hurry? We recommend opting for features that boost your ad’s visibility and increase your chances of a speedy sale. There are several ways to promote your ad, such as bumping up, setting it as urgent or reduce or adding it to the homepage gallery. Learn more about it on our performance page.

Reply quickly and be open to negotiation

When buyers start to express interest, don’t leave them hanging. It’s now your job to keep them interested by replying quickly and politely. Be open to negotiation and offer as much help as possible without being pushy. Remember that you probably have stiff competition, so the more cordial and honest you are, the better experience your buyer will have.

Show up on time to the meeting

Congratulations! Someone wants to buy your furniture or item. Now, it’s your job to put the cherry on top of the transaction and encourage your buyer to give you a five-star rating by showing up on time to your scheduled drop-off or meeting place. This is the final moment that gives your buyer a great impression of you as a seller, so make it count!


Take a bow! You’ve just sold your furniture online. Repeat the process to earn extra cash and clear out your unwanted items to make home sweet home feel like new. Buy and sell online with confidence. Sell furniture online with Kijiji now.
Your wellbeing is our top priority. Trade with care and please visit our Help Desk or Health Canada to learn more.

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