How to source quality home décor and furniture on Kijiji

Buying used furniture and home décor online can be a fun and easy—not to mention super affordable—way to furnish your home. Here's how to source high-quality home furnishings on Kijiji:

Slow and steady wins the race

Don’t rush your search. While we recommend looking on Kijiji every day and setting up alerts, we think it’s a good idea to take your time when browsing for second-hand sofas, bookshelves or lamps. Unless you’ve stumbled up a vintage or one-of-kind item, you can afford to wait for the right piece at the right price.
Check out Kijiji’s Home Sweet Home for everything you need to fill your space with second-hand treasures.

Be prepared to negotiate

So, you found the perfect antique mirror or vintage frames but the price is way out of your budget. If the price seems too high for what the piece is worth and the seller has less-than-stellar reviews, we recommend exercising caution before reaching out to the seller.
If the price seems just a little out of your price range, now is your chance to exercise your bargaining skills. If you want to hit them with a low-ball offer to start the negotiation process, remember to be respectful and to expect the seller to refuse the first offer. If the seller accepts your offer, don’t hit them back with an even lower one.
Negotiating a price is an art form. Read this article to find out how to fine-tune your skills.

Research seller profiles

Seller profiles give you an invaluable insight into what kind of experience you can expect if you transact with this particular person. Look at the ratings and reviews to learn about the seller’s strengths and weaknesses. Some due diligence on your end will save you time and money. It’s also where you can see what other items the person is selling.
Discover more reasons to read seller profiles.

Adjust your search radius

Are you willing to travel a little further outside your city for a great piece of furniture? The wall hanging you’ve been waiting for may just be on the other side of your search radius! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to snatch a great find by setting up too-narrow a search. The seller may be willing to ship or drop off the item to you. Check out these tips for contactless transactions.

Refine your search and set search alerts

Unless the seller has some experience under their belt, their keyword game might not be as strong as yours. For example, the seller may have unwittingly used “antique furniture” when they really meant to say “midcentury modern.”
Think of other ways you can describe the piece you’re looking for. Naturally, the more precise you are with your keywords, the fewer search results you’ll get. However, if you don’t have any luck finding interesting ads, try a broader search term.
Did you know that you can set search alerts for items you want so you’re notified immediately when an item pops up in your area? This allows you to act quickly, and it’s a great way to find amazing things first on Kijiji.

Start your search for high-quality furniture and home décor on Kijiji

Support your community by buying local when you hunt for second-hand furniture and home décor. Discover sellers nearby on Kijiji Village today!
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