Modern-home style guide – Helping you find the look you’ll love

Looking to outfit your home in a new style, or do you just need some decor inspiration for your first apartment? Here are a few of our favourites.


We’ll run down each style and point out the elements that make them unique. We’ll also compare differences between each style. Then you’ll be ready to head to Kijiji to get whatever you need to create your perfect home.


An industrial style embraces the stark, utilitarian look of the workdays and factories of yesteryear and outfits homes with functional decor and a distinct lack of pretension. One of the hallmarks of the industrial style is the ability to work with repurposed materials and salvaged items.

In a home furnished and decorated in an industrial style, you’ll find clean lines, no frills, and metal. A lot of metal. Don’t worry about looking for new and shiny stuff, either – the more worn something is, the cooler it will look. Whether you’re looking for an old typewriter table to serve as your end table or oversized gears to hang on your wall, buying used isn’t just an option; it’s really more of a requirement.

While bold pieces of artwork aren’t necessarily out of place in an industrial home, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind when shopping. Black and white photos, or art featuring a few different shades of gray, really complement the style. And don’t be in a big hurry to cover up exposed pipes or ductwork. Unfinished walls are actually a huge bonus to the overall look of the room.

For textiles or other furniture, choose solid colours in neutral hues, embrace cooler colours, such as blues or dusky greens, or stick to different shades of gray. Rustic wood and old leather sofas are also essential touches that lend a warmer touch to what might be a spartan area.

Mid-century Magic


Midcentury modern is firmly in style right now and reflects the homes of, you’ve guessed it, mid-20th century. While the ’50s are most often thought of as “mid-century,” the era started in the mid-1940s and lasted until the ’70s. The modern style inspired by this era pays homage to those beautiful decades.

One compelling component of midcentury modern is the frequent appearance of natural wood furniture. Embrace pieces with clean lines instead of elaborate or decorative markings. For an even greater retro look, liberally mix metal and wood. Opt for neutral colours with a few pops of bright colours, but patterns are really where it’s at. Repeating bold patterns and geometric shapes truly help mid-century modern decor really stand out.

For decoration, go for pop art (think Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, or James Rosenquist) or go super simple with shapes, patterns, or framed text. Above all, have fun and channel your inner ‘50s persona.

Sophisticated Scandinavian


Scandinavian style will appeal to the minimalist, as it makes use of space. Everything has its place. Clutter? Gone. Light? Yes, please. If you’re keen to create an inviting bright space, then Scandinavian style might be right up your alley.

The backdrop of a Scandinavian-style room is four bright walls which help bring in light and create a more visually open space. White and gray tones are used liberally for furniture and other pieces, but choosing a couple of accent colours will help break up the monotony and really help your place pop.

Function and organization are two other critical components. No space is wasted, and knick-knacks are few and far between. What isn’t rare is the appearance of  boxes, crates, and other methods of keeping everything neat and tidy. Is there extra space under your bed or coffee table? Use that for storage or another small table to bring out when you’re entertaining guests.

Now, as an expert on modern home styling, you’re ready to channel your inner interior designer! Whether you need that rustic leather chair or a unique coffee table, check out Kijiji to get your project started.

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