Teak furniture care: A brief how-to

Teak furniture has long held the reputation of being a strong, long-lasting investment, however, cost and care are often the biggest factors for people who are hesitant.

What is it?

Teak itself is a type of wood from trees grown in South Asia. The material itself is dense and strong, with high oil content, which lends to its durability. It’s often used as outdoor furniture because it shields itself so well against natural elements such as insects or rain.

If kept well, teak furniture can last upwards of 80 years. This makes the initial investment worth it and it’s all about how you take care of it after you take it home.

Care Tip 1:

Teak greys over the course of several months as the natural oils evaporate. This is perfectly normal, and for some, the silvery-grey look works for them. However, for those who prefer the honey-brown colour, bringing teak back to that shade requires some work. Although it feels like common sense, do not oil your outdoor greying teak furniture. This can lead to mildew issues and gradual discolouration the longer you have it. The oil in commercial teak oil is not the same oil that’s found naturally in the teak itself. Although it will temporarily bring your teak back to its former glory, it can decrease its overall lifespan and oiling your teak once will result in having to oil it every few months, which can become tedious.

Oiling indoor teak furniture is a great way to keep it looking like new.

Care Tip 2:

If you’re looking for a DIY cleaning option, a steel wool or a soft-bristle brush combined with warm water and gentle detergent can help remove the build-up that’s causing the greying. It’s important that after you scrub the piece down, you give it ample time to dry before applying a teak sealer. There are also commercial teak cleaners on the market as well if DIY isn’t your style.

Care Tip 3:

Teak sealer is the preferred method of maintaining the look of your teak furniture. Unlike teak oils, sealer is applied after a thorough cleaning and drying of your piece. It acts as a layer of UV protection against the sun and it also contains ingredients that work against mildew and oxidization. It also needs to be applied much less than teak oil. Once a year is all you’ll need to dedicate to maintaining your teak furniture.

Care Tip 4:

Even with cleaning, oiling, or sealing, much of how well your teak furniture withstands nature and time is where you place it. Direct sunlight will speed up the wearing process whereas partly shaded or fully shaded areas keep it in its healthiest state longer. For added protection, you may also consider a breathable cover for the piece.

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