How To Be The Hostess With The Mostess at your Holiday Party

Planning a holiday party at your home during the festive season?

This year, impress your guests by focusing on the little details that will make it a memorable evening. They’ll have so much fun they’ll still be talking about it next year—and you’ll be able to enjoy more of the evening!

1. Operation decorate

Don’t panic if you haven’t yet had time to decorate for the big day. Ask your guests to bring a decoration to put up when they arrive, such as a Christmas tree ornament, a wreath or simply a festive ribbon. Children can also make decorations for the occasion. Not only will you save time, but the activity will keep everyone busy early in the evening.

2. Assigned places

Select a place for each guest in advance to avoid confusion at the table when the meal is ready to be served. To spruce up each place setting, write guests’ names in chalk on a piece of slate, decorate place cards with a branch of rosemary, or personalize Christmas tree balls with the name of each guest.

Have a little time and imagination? The possibilities are endless!

3. A cocktail bar

To avoid serving drinks throughout the evening, create a self-serve cocktail and refreshment bar. Guests will be able to make their own cocktails with or without alcohol. A guaranteed hit! Ideally, the home bar should be installed near the refrigerator, where you’ll have a shelf reserved for items that need to be kept cold.
Add fun accessories, such as colourful straws, and display a few basic cocktail recipes that everyone can easily make.

4. A children’s corner

Goodbye mess! Create a children’s corner in a bedroom, for example, or playroom. The rule? The toys stay there and don’t scatter around the house. Set up a small craft area, offer a selection of Christmas movies, and even create a candy bar to appeal to their sweet tooth.

5. Lights in mason jars

To depart from traditional candles, which aren’t always safe, you can place small battery operated lights in mason jars. The effect is trendy and will make all the difference to your decor.

6. Your recipes

Offer your guests a small notebook containing the star recipes of the evening—your famous walnut brownies, the traditional family pie, and even the children’s gingerbread cookies. It’s a practical little idea that will surprise and please everyone!

7. The tasks

To avoid having to prepare, put back, and clean up everything yourself, why not assign each guest a little task for the evening. They could help clear the table, for example, make coffee, do the dishes, or even play the role of Santa Claus. Don’t be embarrassed about delegating. People will want to help make the evening a success!

Above all, stay zen. Don’t try to organize the perfect evening at all costs or control everything. Enjoy the unexpected, have a good laugh at the bloopers, and stay in the moment!

What makes a successful holiday party?

The little things.

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