Upgrade your kitchen on a dime with these easy tricks

No need to wait for a full renovation to make a kitchen feel new. Here are some tasty tips on how you can get the fresh kitchen feeling without burning your bank account.

Whether you’ve just moved into a home and have a new kitchen, or are looking for ways to revamp your old space, there are plenty of ways to keep kitchen renovation costs down while getting a whole new look from lighting down to the floors.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

One of the quickest ways to give your kitchen a whole new look on a budget is to freshen up your kitchen cabinets with a coat of paint. If your cabinets have an old stained wood style, consider switching to a bright white to give them a more modern energy. If you want to infuse a bit of personality, consider choosing a muted, moodier color to add a pop without looking overpowering. Dark colors like charcoal or slate can add edgy contrast. If your cabinet doors are simply too visually dated for your taste, consider shopping for new doors for a completely different look at a fraction of the price of replacing the entire cupboard. Check the measurements of your cabinets and see what styles are available in their size. This gives you a complete renovated look with a fraction of the cost and labour.

Replace Hardware

If you can’t paint or replace cabinet doors, but still want to update their style, try changing the hardware. Switching out your cabinet knobs for high-end ones is highly affordable, instantly gives them a new look, and can be easily switched back if you move. There are plenty of statement knobs available, so you can create a look that you love.

New Bar Stools and Seating

If you have a bar or island in your kitchen, adding bar stools can be an instant way to add an inviting feeling to your new kitchen. Additional seating turns your kitchen space into more of a living space to inhabit, rather than a workspace to simply prepare food. It’s easy to browse through Kijiji to find styles available to suit your budget.

Add Lighting

Adding statement lighting is a great kitchen renovation idea, as it not only changes the look of your kitchen, it can adjust the feel, add warmth, and give you useful lighting over a sink or food prep area. Also, consider adding lighting over an island to make it more welcoming as an eating space.

Invest in Art Pieces

Art is a classic way to bring personality into kitchen decor, and it can instantly add charming focal points. Don’t restrict art to traditional pieces, either. Look for accent dish towels and linens, or invest in dishes that look ornamental as well as being useful.

Roll Out a Rug

A statement rug can transform a room with color and style. It also adds warmth to the floor and subtly cushions your feet while you work in the kitchen. Center a rug away from the sink and leave room between it and counters you use for food prep to avoid spills and staining.

Make Use of Exposed Shelving

If your kitchen has exposed shelving, be careful not to let these spaces become cluttered. Use these visible spaces to create small, visually pleasing areas. Display your favorite cookbooks, wine glasses, bowls of fruit and more elegant dishes on these spaces.

With these new kitchen ideas in mind, you should be all set to start your remodel on a budget. A few key pieces can make all the difference in your space, and an online site like Kijiji is a great place to start your hunt for new kitchen accents. It’s simple to search for specific items in your area, and the lower prices allow you to splurge on items that might not be in your budget if bought new. Whether you own your own home or are renting, you can transform your space just by making a few easy changes.

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