Outside Patio Light Ideas – Types of lights and Tips to Brighten up your Deck

Adding patio lighting can instantly transform your deck or garden into an extension of living space for summer evenings. If you're looking to light up your outdoor space, here are some tips.

Starting with a bit of research into the type of light best suited to your space, aesthetic options, efficiency and bug-resistant options can help.

Outdoor String lights

String lighting can be perfect for outdoor spaces, as it is highly versatile, simple to install and can be used to cover large or small spaces easily. String lights are available in a wide variety of different aesthetics to suit your home. Thick waterproof ropes of LED lights can be draped to create a classic romantic look. Vintage-inspired strings fit with Edison-styled bulbs bring a relaxed sense of nostalgia to your space. Tiny strings of fairy lights are ideal if you want to light up an accent tree or bushes at night. String lights are usually designed to plug in, so you will need to keep that in mind to ensure that they reach an outlet comfortably. LED string lights tend to be the most energy-efficient to help keep your power bill down. Warm-coloured outdoor LED lighting, around 3000 Kelvins specifically, provides a cozy glow that flatters your outdoor area and feels comfortable on your eyes. These lights also tend to be less visible to insects, making them ideal if you’re trying to avoid attracting bugs.

Pendant lights

Hanging pendant or ceiling-mounted light fixtures can be ideal to elegantly highlight a single dining table or living space, as they are bright, but tend to focus light over a smaller space. Pendant lighting is best used on decks where you have a solid ceiling to mount your light. Installation tends to be more permanent than string lights, as lights may require a wired-in mount or at least a sturdy installation on the ceiling. Check the bulb type required by the pendant light before buying. Incandescent bulbs will give off heat and a wavelength of light that tends to attract bugs, as well as requiring more energy to run. CFL and LED options are cooler and less attractive to insect eyes.

Candles and lanterns

Lighting a few candles and lanterns around your outdoor space can instantly give it a welcoming feel thanks to the soft, flickering nature of the light. This kind of lighting requires no electricity, and citronella-infused candles and oils can help them to repel bugs from your space. However, their light levels tend to be lower, making them ideal as supplemental mood lighting, but less practical to light your entire patio. They also require close supervision to avoid fire hazards.


Torches, again, are most useful as mood-setting accent lighting, but also give off more light than candles. An array of tiki torches around your garden instantly lend a tropical feel to the setting. It is important to not leave them unattended when lit.

Landscape lighting

Stake lighting and garden accent lights can highlight elements of your garden and create a beautiful landscape even in the dark. These lower-powered lights are often powered by solar, making them highly efficient and free from needing a plug-in.

With these tips to inspire your outside lighting ideas, it’s time to start looking for patio lights. Online sites like Kijiji make it simple to find exterior lighting solutions from the comfort of your own home. With your research done, it’s easy to identify specific keywords to search for in order to find just with you’re looking for, and create an inviting space to enjoy warm evenings outdoors.

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