Here’s Some Scary-Good Halloween Decorating Advice

We guide you through taking your Halloween decorating to a spooky new level—without haunting your bank account.

With Halloween drawing closer, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your home fitfully frightful for the holiday. If you’re wondering where to buy Halloween decorations, or how to make spooky Halloween decorations, our quick guide can help you find the Halloween home decor you’ll love.

Classic Halloween Decorations

Decorating your yard and home lets you create a creepy wonderland to frighten and delight trick-or-treaters and passersby.

Halloween props and decorations, such as faux skeletons, gravestones and monsters can be a great place to start. For maximum effect, try to decide on a theme for your decorations. Multiple gravestones, skeletons and crows can allow you to create an eerie graveyard. Witch decorations around a glowing cauldron can create a space filled with dark magic. Arrange Frankenstein’s monster, werewolf and mummy decor around your yard, and you’ll create your own Monster Mash!

These classic Halloween decorations can often be found second-hand on Kijiji, allowing you to find like-new spooky decor for budget-friendly prices. Want to add an extra surprise element? Shop for Halloween animatronic decorations that move or light up. These creepy figures are sure to bring the ultimate scary moment for visiting trick-or-treaters. A skeleton that springs to life or monster that reaches from a corner is sure to prompt delighted screams.


Add A Spooky Mist

Want to add another dimension to your Halloween yard decorations? Invest in a smoke machine or two to add a mysteriously swirling fog to your setting. This fog also helps to conceal other spooky elements of your decor until visitors come closer, leading to a scary surprise. Be sure to hide the machine to complete the illusion. Try placing it under a bush, inside a pumpkin, or decorating the front with a plastic skull.


Creep-ify Your Landscape

Drape trees and bushes in spider webbing to give them an instant creepy makeover. Craft spiders using pipe cleaners or buy larger decorative ones to hang from trees and your house’s eaves. Fit ping-pong balls over fairy lights, and draw eyeballs on them to create a strand of glowing eyes that you can hang in a hedge.


Set the (Scary) Tone

Set up a speaker with an ongoing eerie playlist of dark organ music or creaky sound effects. Unexplained sounds can instantly add a ghostly presence to your yard or home.



Finally, don’t forget to stock up on plenty of treats for visiting ghosts, witches, goblins, and more! Glue a plastic skull or hand in the bottom of your treat bowl to add an extra spook-tacular detail.


Get ready to scare the whole neighbourhood in the best way with these creep-tastic Halloween ideas. With some preparation and help from Kijiji, your house will be the stuff of trick-or-treater legend!

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