Search for pets from animal shelters on Kijiji

We’re pleased to announce a new feature on Kijiji that lets you search and sort for pets only from Animal Shelters.

As a way to increase the visibility of our friends and partners at Animal Shelters, we’ve teamed with Petfinder and started importing their shelter ads into our site. This partnership allows us access to Petfinder’s 13,000 animal shelters from across North America and import ads from shelters in local communities.

You can find the attribute ‘Shelter‘ under the ‘Offered by‘ section in the left sub-navigation of the site. When you choose it, you’ll be taken to a page that shows just shelter ads, as shown here.

The Shelters information will be listed on the top right under ‘Poster Contact Information‘, and you can view all of the ads posted by that shelter on Kijiji.

Here’s an Example of Golden Rescue’s Page which shows all of their current ads:

New Pet Shelter page – The Shelters Phone Number and Address Appears at the top


We hope that this feature will increase the visibility to Shelters and animals that are in need of rehoming. These special animals need our attention and we’ll be working to add more ads and shelters to our site where possible.

As an extension to this, last week we added a new tab on all ads appearing in ‘dogs, puppies for sale‘ and ‘cats, kittens for sale‘. This tab shows a section called ‘Rehoming & Adoption‘ and features some general information to consider before taking on a new animal. We also feature some of our Animal Shelter Partners on this page, and will be working to add more information about this topic into the tab as we build it.

Rehoming & Adaption tab – Ownership information and Links to Animal Shelters

We’re pleased with the progress we’ve been making in this space, but there’s still lots to improve on. This week, we have two of our staff meeting with the OSPCA and industry partners to better understand things like breeder legislation and help with the creation of a industry code of conduct that we can use as guideline toward policies and practices on the site.  We feel that working with the Animal Shelters to understand and use their standards around adoption and ownership will be a great way to ensure we adhere to industry leading best practices, ethics and integrity in this space.