Simple DIY projects to make your home sweeter

Watching home improvement shows can easily give one a serious case of envy. Updating your bathroom or kitchen can seem like a serious overhaul that costs thousands of dollars and takes a team of experts months to complete. Did you know that you can transform your home on a small budget with these affordable and easy DIY projects and home decor? Kijiji is here to show you how.

Upgrade light fixtures

It’s astounding how easily a simple light fixture or lamp can make or break a room’s appeal. For example, dated, dusty or ugly pendant lights over a kitchen island can immediately set the whole room back by decades and become an eyesore.

Updating your light fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen and front hallway with modern, unique or artistic ones is a fast and easy DIY upgrade that doesn’t cost a fortune.

While you’re at it, replacing your current bulbs with warm-toned LED bulbs is the most affordable way to soften the room and make it more inviting.


Brighten up walls

It sounds cliché, but there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make your space look cleaner and more modern. Even adding or sprucing up your moulding can make a world of difference.

Have a small space, like a powder room? Don’t be shy to add bold wallpaper prints or funky colours. Want to brighten up your living room? A layer of white paint with colourful tapestries and wall art can liven it up without making a huge dent in your budget.

Did you know that you can find wallpaper, paint and other materials on Kijiji? If you’re not sure whether you’re up to the challenge, you can find an affordable and professional painter in your area with a simple Kijiji search.


Update bathroom fixtures

Bathrooms (and kitchens) have a tendency to fall out of style more quickly than other rooms in the house. Bathroom vanities and plumbing fixtures that are outdated, chipped or stained can make the room look unappealing and dirty.

If you don’t have the budget to replace your porcelain sink, toilet and tub yourself, you can easily upgrade your bathroom with a fresh set of towels and a modern bathmat and shower curtain. One of the easiest home improvements you can do yourself is to replace your old bathroom faucet with a new one.


Reseal, revarnish and restore

If you’re tired of looking at scuffed hardwood, broken tiles and stained linoleum, you don’t have to spend a fortune hiring a home renovation crew to upgrade your floors. Here are some simple, money-saving hacks to make your space look a little more updated:

  • Sand down old hardwood or parquet floors that are scuffed and scratched with an electric sander. Stain and seal the wood with a contemporary colour to suit your taste and decor.
  • Cover cracked linoleum with a modern second-hand rug.
  • Regrout your stained tiles to give the appearance that they’re brand new.

Kijiji can help you with all your DIY projects

Everything you need for your DIY home decor projects is just a click away when you use Kijiji to find local services, as well as new and second-hand items. Shop for home improvement items on Kijiji today.

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