Top 5 home improvements to increase your property value

Discerning home buyers aren't just looking for surface improvements in their next house purchase. They also want to know that their potential new home is both functional and structurally sound. If you're considering putting your house or condo unit on the market, you want to make sure it's in top shape in order to get the best offer. 

Here are the top five home and condo renovations that experts say boost your property value and make your investment well worth it, courtesy of Kijiji:


1. Finish your basement

When future homeowners show up for a viewing, finding an entire level of their home that they need to finish themselves can be a major turn off. As teleworking and distance learning are now major aspects of our lives, a basement renovation where you can give families space to work or study can boost your home’s appeal.

If your basement is in a bare-bones state, you can find a trusted local handyman on Kijiji to complete your renovation project. Do you have what it takes to do it yourself? You’ll find all the materials you’ll need in our classifieds to build and install your walls, floors and light fixtures.


2. Make minor kitchen upgrades

You don’t necessarily need a complete kitchen renovation to make it stylish and sellable. Small upgrades can go a long way towards boosting your home’s appeal, such as:

Keep in mind that you likely need approval from your homeowners’ association (HOA) before doing any major changes to the layout of your condo kitchen. Find the kitchen upgrade supplies you need at Kijiji Village.


3. Update your bathrooms

Your bathroom(s) may be perfectly clean and functional, but homebuyers are typically turned off by pink toilets, cracked tiles or mouldy grout. If you have more than one bathroom, focus your bathroom renovations on the ensuite or main bathroom and make minor changes to the rest, as suggested above.

You can find local bath fitters, general contractors and plumbers to help you complete your project.


4. Refinish, replace or install hardwood

Hardwood flooring is consistently on every home buyer’s must-have list. The visual appeal of hardwood flooring is evergreen, which means that it’ll always be modern. If you already have wooden floors, you’ll easily reap the benefits of spending a little money and TLC refinishing them back to their former splendour.

You can recoup all of your money when you replace your carpet or laminate flooring with hardwood. In other words, this is a safe investment for any homeowner looking to sell.

Search for new and used hardwood flooring in your area.


5. Spend time on curb appeal

By the time a potential buyer has stepped through your front door, they could have already decided if they like your home. For condo owners, ensuring your building has curb appeal is down to the regular upkeep and maintenance that you pay for every month. If you own a detached property, you should spend your time making the exterior of the house look as perfect as possible so the buyer can see if as their own home sweet home. This includes:

  • Lawn maintenance: Cutting grass, raking leaves, pruning hedges and keeping your garden in top shape
  • Pool-side appeal: Showing future owners what their summers could be like with a pergola and upscale outdoor furniture.
  • Siding: If your house’s siding is dirty or in disrepair, you can increase your home’s value by replacing aluminum siding with more modern stone veneer siding.
  • Cleaning up: It costs nothing but a bit of your time to put your lawn tools and outdoor toys away (find outdoor storage solutions on Kijiji) and to sweep up the front steps and driveway. But you’ll be amazed by how long a first impression can last.

Enjoy your home or condo renovation project with Kijiji

Are you looking to increase the value of your house or condo before listing it on the market with a home renovation? Search for the building materials, decor and local services you need to boost your property’s desirability on Kijiji Classifieds.

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