What’s lying around the house that you can sell to make extra cash?

Have you been wondering what to sell online to make extra cash? Whether you're saving up to make a big purchase or you just want to declutter, here are some common household items you might have that buyers are looking for on Kijiji.

Furniture and home décor: curtains, lighting, bookshelves and more

Nothing is more annoying than holding on to a piece of furniture that you no longer need or want. Fortunately, people are always browsing second-hand coffee tables, sofas and kitchen tables on Kijiji. If you’re looking for things to sell online, furniture is definitely it. You don’t need beautifully maintained mid-century modern pieces either. College students are always looking to buy inexpensive pieces, so don’t be shy to list your IKEA furniture.
Popular furniture items you can sell on Kijiji:

Everything designer: shoes, wallets and more

Shoes, handbags or clothing: if it’s designer, there’s someone out there who wants it. While you may not be able to ask full price for that Fendi bag or Gucci wallet, you’ll probably make more than you think you can. And plus, it clears space in your closet for you to buy that next designer item you’ve been eyeing.
If you’re storing old designer clothing or shoes, you might actually be sitting on a small fortune. For example, those Air Jordans that you saved up all your lawn-mowing money for but no longer wear can be worth hundreds (or even thousands in some cases) to the right buyer. Take a look at Air Jordans for sale to see what we mean.

Small kitchen appliances: espresso makers, mixers and more

The cost of new kitchen gadgets is quite high, which means that there are always buyers on the hunt for previously loved items. Whether you’re downgrading your kitchen space or you’ve realized you’ll never use that fancy juicer ever again, you’ll find it easy to make money from home with these items that are typically trending at this time to make money:
Here are some tips for taking professional-looking photos of your kitchen items:
  • Choose a bright, clutter-free location for your backdrop.
  • Take photos during the day, preferably in a spot where there’s lots of natural light.
  • Take photos that demonstrate the general condition of the small appliance. Showcase its separate attachments and any wear and tear.
  • Ensure the brand-name of the small appliance is visible.
  • Find out how to take fabulous photographs that sell your item for you.

Entertainment and outdoor living: games, patio sets, fitness equipment and more

People are looking for ways to entertain themselves in the safety of their homes. You’ll have no trouble finding a buyer for your video game controller or TV when everyone’s stuck indoors this winter (you’ll likely even find someone to take that snowblower off your hands. But with spring just around the corner, people with backyards will be on the hunt for these trending items:
Not sure what to price your sporting equipment and outdoor furniture? You can get a pretty good understanding of how much these secondhand items are going for on the secondhand market by checking out similar ads in your area.

Antiques and collectibles: puzzles, technology and more

Unique furniture pieces and collectible items are always wanted, and you may be holding onto something valuable without even realizing it. If you no longer like or have use for some of these household items, you’ll quickly find a buyer who’s ready and waiting to take it off your hands.
You’ll easily find buyers for:
  • Vintage tees
  • Typewriters (yes, even if they don’t work)
  • Rotary phones
  • Vinyl
  • Turntables
  • Baseball cards
  • Dolls and retro toys
  • First-generation iPhones
  • Puzzles
When you decide to sell your furniture, here are some tips for making it look its best:
  • Toss sofa cushion covers in the wash and spot clean any stains (if the stains or tears can’t be removed, be sure to take pictures of these).
  • Polish brass and other metal pieces to reintroduce their shine.
  • Revarnish or reseal wood.
  • Vacuum your sofa thoroughly and apply deodorizing powder on the surfaces to make smelling neutral.
Before you start selling your old couch, be sure to check out these tips for writing a better Kijiji ad.

Books: early editions and back-to-school

We’re not talking mass paperbacks (although there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try). The right books can be invaluable items, and depending on the condition of your copy, you could make a pretty penny, especially if you have an early edition or even a textbook.
That’s right! College and university textbooks are quite expensive when you buy them brand new. If you’re looking for things around the house to sell, start with your bookshelf. Departing with books that have changed the way we see the world is difficult, but if you have a book that you’re only keeping because it cost more than your monthly grocery bill, do yourself and that psychology major a huge favour and sell it.
Have more questions about selling your used textbooks online? Check out this article: The A+ way to sell used textbooks.
You may encourage more interest in your textbook if you include these items in your ad:
  • The book’s condition (like new, great, some wear and tear)
  • What class you took it for and when (check out Kijiji Village to find out how we’re supporting contactless transactions)

Other used home items on Kijiji that buyers are always looking for:

Where can I sell unwanted items?

So, you already know what to sell online, now you need to start writing your ad. Be sure to remember this sound advice when posting your ad online:
  • Be open to contactless transactions: Keep your household and your community safe by offering physically distanced transaction options, such as drop off/delivery, curbside pickup or cashless payments.
  • Purchase ad features: Get your ad noticed by utilizing one of our many promotional tools. Learn more about it on our performance tools page.
  • Engage early with potential buyers: The longer you make a buyer wait for your response, the more likely they will look elsewhere. Respond as quickly as possible to keep buyers engaged.
  • Be open to negotiation: Expect your buyer to negotiate and be willing to play the game. Remember to be courteous and kind during your exchange.
  • Show up on time: However you decide to transact with your buyer, make sure to be prompt. Remember, this could be a repeat customer with the power to give you a positive review, so it’s always best to be professional until the end.
  • Keep selling on Kijiji: See how easy that was? Keep selling your household items to make money from home!
Kijiji Central has a great list of resources to help you get started making extra cash from home. Browse our advice articles or start selling right away on Kijiji.
Your wellbeing is our top priority. Trade with care and please visit our Help Desk or Health Canada to learn more.

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