How to advertise your nanny and babysitting services on Kijiji

Busy moms and dads often turn to the web when looking for a babysitter. Find new clients for your nanny or babysitting services by posting an ad on Kijiji to help parents find you. By crafting an ad with targeted keywords they'll be searching for, you can make sure you show up in their results when they're in need.

What to Put In Your Ad


Make it simple for potential clients to find you by including where you are located. Location is one of the main keywords parents search for when looking for nanny services. List out areas you cover as well to ensure that you are reaching all of your target locations.


Add your availability to your ad to let clients know at a glance if you will be a good match for their needs. List the general windows of time that you’re available to work such as afternoon, morning, or evening to help clients searching for these keywords. Specify more specific time frames as well if you already have a set schedule of availability. This allows you to more specifically target customers who are the best match for your services.


Parents want to be confident that their babysitter or nanny is highly capable and that their child is in good hands. Listing your experience  puts their mind at ease. Include any certifications or training you may have had. First aid certifications can assure them that you are ready in case of emergency. Create a bullet-point list of child-care tasks and responsibilities you’ve performed in the past. If any of your other clients have given you testimonials, include one or two to demonstrate their experience with your work.


It’s helpful to list your fees in your ad, as you will get more targeted responses from customers whose budgets you suit. If you don’t already have a structured fee list, research other local childcare options to get an idea of competitive prices. Browse through other babysitter and nanny postings on Kijiji for an idea on what others are charging in your area.

After a Potential Client Responds

Your job isn’t quite done once you’ve posted the ad. After potential clients reach out to you, you still need to connect with them. Make sure to respond to them quickly on Kijiji to have a better shot at getting the job!

Offer References

A great way to assure clients of your experience with children is to offer references from your other clients. Previous testimonials are a good start. Reach out to past or current clients to see who may be comfortable being a reference. Check with them how potential clients can best reach them. Only provide references’ contact information after a potential customer has reached out privately to you in order to keep references’ information secure.

Suggest a Test Run

If you are feeling a good connection with a potential client, offer a test run. This can be a good chance for both of you to evaluate if it is a good fit. It gives you time to connect with their children, as well as see if they have any particular needs.

Help busy parents find a great babysitter by creating and posting an ad for your nanny services on Kijiji today.

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