How to become a chef in an Indian, Moroccan, Lebanese, or Algerian restaurant

The restaurant business is an unforgiving one, especially for chefs who are nightly expected to serve up stunning dishes quickly and at a profit.

Making it as a chef in an Indian, Moroccan, Lebanese, or Algerian restaurant can be especially grueling. You will need to satisfy the tastes of both those who are new to the cuisine as well as those who have grown up with it their entire lives. Pleasing everybody is definitely not easy. So what’s the secret ingredient to making it as a chef in an Indian, Moroccan, Lebanese, or Algerian restaurant? Read below to find out.

Who can become a chef?
It’s commonly thought that if you want to be a chef in an Indian, Moroccan, Lebanese, or Algerian restaurant then you have to come from one of those respective countries. The truth, however, is a bit more complicated. While growing up with the regional dishes you will be cooking can definitely give you a leg up when it comes to being a chef, the fact is that there’s no rule saying that to be a good chef at, say, a Moroccan restaurant that you actually have to come from Morocco. As the chef, you are going to be spending most of your time in the kitchen and the people you are serving aren’t going to know, or care much about, where you are from.

Creating a menu
If you’re looking to create a fine dining experience then you will want to keep your menu short and simple. You should include the staples that your patrons are likely going to be expecting, such as tikka masala and butter chicken if you are opening an Indian restaurant. You should also consider adding some items that may be a little less well known and therefore more “exotic.” It’ll give your restaurant a more authentic edge and help it stand out from the crowd.

Experience counts for everything
If you have never worked in a restaurant kitchen before then you need to think long and hard before trying to take the plunge working as a chef. Restaurant kitchens are chaotic, noisy, and stressful work environments and it is hard to appreciate the grit it takes to make a restaurant work smoothly unless you’ve actually been behind the scenes at one before. Being a chef is about more than just cooking the best possible dishes, it’s also about making sure those dishes are made quickly and perfectly every night. There’s a reason most of the world’s greatest chefs started off as lowly kitchen hands: because it’s that early experience that helps them work under pressure and develop a system that will allow their dishes to shine.

Becoming a chef requires culinary talent, management skills, determination, and an ability to work well in stressful environments. If you want to become a chef at an Indian, Moroccan, Algerian, or Lebanese restaurant then you are going to need those skills and more to help you succeed in what may end up being a rewarding career.

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