How to interview effectively & land your dream job

Before an interview, your mind might be racing thinking about the job opportunity and all of the ways you could go wrong or botch the interview – but you shouldn’t let it! How should you prepare so you can interview effectively and land the job?

Exude confidence

If you have to, pump yourself up in the mirror by complimenting yourself beforehand. Remind yourself of why you would be a great fit for the position you’ve applied for, and rehearse answers to some classic interview questions. Make sure you feel good about yourself and are in the mood for a conversation. You’ll likely do best if you are relaxed and well rested, so ensure you take some time to prepare and eat beforehand. Though the employers are looking for someone to do a job, they are also looking for someone they can work and share the highs and lows of the day with. Answering questions perfectly does not guarantee that you will land the job. You must also be aware of your skills and your weaknesses. Think: if you were asked why you should be the choice over another individual, how would you defend yourself against the competition? Whether you are trying to get hired as a programmer, office manager, or for a sales position, there is likely someone as fit for the position as you that is also applying, so focus on specific advantages that you bring to the table.

Plan your questions

Knowing what you want to ask in advance is a great way to show that you have done your research and are truly interested in the role. Learn about the obstacles the company is facing, and ask the interviewers about them. Though you are applying to a specific job, you are also applying to a company, and at least one of your questions should reflect that. The interviewer should walk away knowing that you are passionate about their business and you want to help them succeed.

Get your story straight

Know your story – think back to how you were when you entered the field and got to where you are today. Tie the pieces together to form the story of your career journey and rehearse it in front of a mirror. Take advantage of open ended questions asked by an interviewer; these are your opportunity to pitch that you are a motivated candidate, ready to take on a new challenge! The interviewers need to be captivated and engaged by your story. Focus on the transitions and the reasons for them.

Most importantly, be yourself. You want the company to hire you for you so that you can thrive in the position. If you’re just getting started in your job hunt, make sure to check out Kijiji for available jobs. Good luck!

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