How to find your wedding photographer online

A hint of spring in the air is the perfect reminder that's it's the ideal time to plan ahead for your upcoming wedding.

One of the key things to start searching for early is a wedding photographer, as the best ones tend to get booked up quickly. If you’re trying to to find a quality professional while staying within your budget, Kijiji can be a great place to start. Searching online lets you do most of the research from your own home, and gives you access to a plethora of options. Often the photographers on online classifieds are actively working to book up their calendars, and so may offer early bird discounts or other deals. Online, you’ll also be able to vet a variety of photographers at various levels of experience, which may open up more options budget-wise.   Here are a few tips for finding a wedding photographer to get you started on your search.

Use the Right Keywords

When you start your search for your ideal wedding photography, pay attention to styles of photographers you like, and search for those style keywords. Many of the best wedding photographers tend to cultivate a certain aesthetic, such as rustic, natural, pacific-northwest, traditional, or modern. Others focus on capturing candid moments, while others tend towards staged portraits or edgy fine art styles. Tailor your search to ‘wedding photographer’ plus those keywords to quickly find photographers whose style matches your vision.

Review Their Photo Portfolio

A wedding photographer’s photo portfolio shows off their previous work and gives you a feel for the quality of their images and shooting style. This is one of the most important steps for finding a great wedding photographer, so look closely for ads that feature plenty of wedding photos to give you an accurate perspective of their work. You may want to follow up with researching their social media or websites to view more examples of their work. Once you contact a photographer, ask if you can view a complete album of a wedding they’ve shot, so you know you’re not just seeing the best highlights.

Equipment and Assistants

Some ads may mention any specialized equipment that the photographer uses, which can be useful if you’re hoping to find a photographer that can do a specific lighting style or specially staged photo. Check to see if the photographer shoots alone, or has an assistant who can capture candid moments while the main photographer is focused on the bride and groom.

Staying On-Budget

A great way to stay within your budget, while getting great photos is to consider experienced photographers that are new to wedding photography. They will be working to build up their portfolio of wedding pictures, and, as long as they have photography experience in another field, should be very capable. Take the time to review their non-wedding portfolios and check their style. If you’re looking to minimize cost, consider hiring photographers for just the ceremony and official photos, rather than the reception. This reduced shooting time can minimize your cost, while ensuring you get the photos you most want.

Contact a Selection of Photographers

When choosing a wedding photographer, you can’t always settle on the first one you like. Once you have identified a shortlist of candidates that suit your budget, reach out to first see if they are available for your wedding dates. The earlier you do this, the better, as good photographers tend to book up quickly during wedding season, and some may offer an early-bird discount. Ask to set up an in-person interview, so you can find out how your personalities mesh, and be sure that you feel comfortable working with them.

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