Get a mountain of info on how to find a snow removal service

As you get ready for the first snowfall of the season, planning to have your driveway regularly cleared can save you plenty of time and backache.

If this is your first time looking for residential snow removal, it may feel overwhelming to try to pick from the various snow cleaners available. Here’s a quick guide to finding a snow removal service that you can count on to show up and bill you fairly for their services.

What are your snow removal needs?

If you have a short driveway or live in an area with lower volumes of snow, it may be most affordable to hire a snow shoveling service. If you have a longer driveway however, a snow plow may be the best option to get it cleared in a timely manner and may be more cost effective. Consider whether you need roof snow removal, or a porch or sidewalk cleared as well, as these will need to be shoveled or blown clear, and you may want to find a company that provides extra areas cleared at a low cost, or simply do these yourself. Keep your location in mind, as some companies may charge more for homes that are further from them.

Will you require regular snow removal? If so, you may want to invest in a weekly, monthly or seasonal contract that keeps prices lower than a one-time service.

Finding a reputable snow removal service

Ask friends and neighbors to see which companies they have experience with and can recommend. Once you have several options, contact three or four different services and collect quotes for your specific needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out if they are a licensed business covered by general liability insurance, what equipment they use and how many employees and plows they have. Check on how they communicate with customers and how their billing plans work.

Don’t accept telephone offers for snow clearing, as reputable companies rarely advertise this way. Likewise, skip on hiring non-businesses to shovel your driveway, as they may not be covered by insurance and may be less reliable.

Check for online reviews

A quick search online can yield plenty of information about a snow removal company on business review sites. Check their ratings on various social media sites and see if the reviews are generally positive or negative. Keep in mind that online reviews can be falsified though, so still listen to verified word of mouth recommendations above anything else.

Ask for a written contract

Once you have selected a snow clearing service, make sure the details of your deal with them are put down in a written contract, and read it over carefully. Ask about what the conditions are for terminating the contrast. After all, if the company doesn’t show up on schedule, you are not happy with their work, or there is simply a very light snowfall that year, you may want to switch or terminate mid-season. Only sign the contract once you are satisfied with its conditions.

To get ahead of the stormy weather, head to today to find the perfect snow removal team to clear your path this winter.

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