Taya Marquis rocks out with Kijiji

All you need is a little creativity when it comes to pursuing a career as an artist.

Just ask Taya Marquis, who has been using Kijiji to find others like her who are just as ambitious and driven to succeed as she is.


Taya shared her story with us a few months ago when by chance; she met us at an event she happened to be performing at. As we got talking she shared how Kijiji has been a great crowd sourcing platform for her to find people to jam with, instruments, talent and musical equipment.

Since then, she’s created an awesome cover of Fall Out Boy’s My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light’Em Up). Collaborating with other musicians, Nimbus Art Films and Howl Studio, the video slows the original down a bit, showing off Taya’s style and not to mention some swag from Kijiji!

“My music is more pop, but I love to take music of all genres and put my own spin on it,” she said.

Taya added the first time she heard the song, she knew it would work for her voice.

“I think Fall Out Boy makes some great music, and after a 10 year hiatus I had to celebrate them coming back,”

Taya Kijiji Music

But Taya hasn’t always been at the front and centre stage, ready to rock the mic. For years, she was behind the scenes, crafting her talent as a songwriter. After graduating from performing arts school Cawthra Park Secondary School in her hometown of Mississauga, she moved to California to work with Bird Call Productions as their main songwriter. She helped co-write A La Discotheque with pop sensation Ke$ha and also returned to school at the Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production to graduate from the entertainment business management program where she received the Songwriter of the Year award.

Now, Taya finds herself following her passion for writing, but is doing it for herself this time around.

She’s currently working on her own EP and getting her name out on the music scene by collaborating with other artists and performing at the 2010 and 2011 Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Showcase, Honey Jam 2012 and more recently at Wekfest 2013 alongside Snoop Dogg, Finger 11 and Justin Nozuka.

Kijiji is just one of the ingredients to her recipe for success, helping her along in her career as a singer/songwriter.

Being a new artist, she said, it’s a great source in helping her find people she can collaborate with, whether it’s other musicians or videographers to help her film her videos on YouTube.

“I use Kijiji for almost everything music related. I’ve found tons of musicians that have played on my songs and performances. It has also been the most helpful for finding videographers and photographers that have filmed a few of my videos on Youtube, and have conducted a couple of my photoshoots,” she said.

“You’d think people posting things would be amateur and low quality, but I’ve found people just as good, if not better than professionals you’d find at major companies,” she said. “I love working with people I find on Kijiji because I feel like we’re both starting out and we’re in the same boat.”

Check out the Artists and Musicians section on Kijiji to start jamming with others!

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