Are you ready for zombies?

If there were a Zombie Apocalypse would you be ready? How much would you pay for a vehicle built to protect your family from an onslaught of the walking dead?

Shawn Gusz was wondering the same thing when he no longer needed his promotional vehicle, a 1991 Suzuki pick-up truck bedecked as a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle.

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“We did a community haunted house,” Shawn said, recalling why he had a Zombie vehicle in the first place. “I was looking for a fun kind of promotional vehicle. Something to put outside for people to take pictures with and to take to local events, and it grew from there.”

When it was time to move on from the Survival Vehicle, Shawn turned to Kijiji.

“If there ever were such a thing as zombies I’m sure 2 or 3 could tip it over. The thing is so narrow and top heavy.”

A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle went on sale, complete with 3 fake Zombies (to distract the undead from following you), a Zombie catch pole (so that when you can wrangle yourself a zombie from a distance), a rear mounted Zombie emergency kit (in case in all the Zombie smashing action you cut yourself and need to apply bandages to reduce the incentive of other Zombies to find you and your still-beating heart), and an aluminum decapitation rake (because rakes rank the highest on the Zombie survival kit must-haves, just above shovels – too heavy – and vinyl records – shatter too easily).

It was hard for the media to not take notice of such a creative ad, including national coverage by The Globe and Mail.

“A lot of people were emailing telling me that my ad was amazing,” Shawn recalled. But despite the interest and fanfare, it was still not selling as a Zombie vehicle. After all, responses like “Oh my God, that’s so cool,” don’t exactly pay the bills.

“Let’s be honest,” Shawn admitted, “it is not a practical vehicle. It got a lot of attention, which is why I built it. But, most of those vehicles get converted into farm vehicles.”

Showcasing your item in a creative way is a great idea, and will come more naturally with interesting objects. However, you need to keep in mind if someone is going to shell out $13K for a truck, they will need to know what is under the hood.

Shawn eventually sold his truck for the asking price and without the zombies.

Kijiji tip

Provide all the relevant information for your audience.

The more expensive an item is on Kijiji, the more details you will need to provide the buyer so they feel comfortable purchasing it. For an automobile ad, make sure the specifications of the vehicle are there and accurate.

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