How to sell your boat in time for cottage season

With spring just around the corner, plans for warm weather adventures are in the air. For those who enjoy outdoor adventures, it's an ideal time to start shopping for a boat. Whether you have a watercraft that you never use or simply want to sell your current boat to upgrade to a larger one (or downgrade to a smaller one), Kijiji gives you the resources you need to connect with buyers. Here are some quick tips on how to help buyers find your boat for sale.

When to Sell Your Boat

It’s the perfect time to list your boat for sale, as the approach of warm weather encourages many buyers to shop for watercraft. If you haven’t taken your boat out in the past year, it may be a good idea to list it for sale to avoid depreciation from weathering or damage. Alternatively, if you’ve been enjoying your current boat but longing for a larger or more specialized one, selling your old boat first can give you the capital you need to invest in the boat you truly want. Whether you’re craving a yacht or looking to downsize to a sleek speed boat, now is the time to make the switch!

Preparing Your Boat

Get your boat ready to be sold before listing it! If you have things stored on the boat, clear them out, as it makes your boat look cleaner and uncluttered, as well as shows off how much storage space it has. If there are any simple repairs to be made, make them, and consider having the boat and engine checked by a certified marine surveyor. Also, if your boat features rich wood elements, consider having it detailed to show off its beauty.

Writing Your Ad

A clear title with searchable keywords is important to help buyers find your boat. List important details such as length, make, model, and kind of boat. Buyers looking for a pontoon boat won’t want to get caught up in listings for jet boats and vice versa, so try to be as specific as possible in your description to help the search. In the ad body itself, specify the age, engine hours if your boat has a motor, cabin size and features, and any special features your boat has. Mention any damage and when the boat was last serviced. If you’re selling the boat with a trailer, list this and include information about the trailer as a selling point.

Photographing Your Boat

When selling your boat, a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure to take good ones! If you can take a photograph of your boat out of the water, this can help give a sense of its scale. If this is too much of a hassle, ensure that you get clear photos of the length of the deck, the rigging, and inside the cabin. Any damage that your boat has should also be photographed to reassure buyers of its actual condition. Finally, always try to photograph your boat when the light is best. This is typically between 3pm to around an hour before sunset, when the light is not overly harsh but is still bright enough to capture detail.

Responding to Buyers

Try to respond to buyers within the first few hours of their message to keep them engaged and ensure that they have a chance to see your boat before looking for another. Moor your boat in an easily accessible spot to make it simple to show off. Set aside time in your schedule to show your boat each day to allow for a fast sale.


Warm weather on the way makes it a perfect season to list your boat online. With these tips you’ll make it simple for the ideal buyer to find your watercraft online, and posting it on Kijiji means selling your boat is smooth sailing.

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