This Buyer’s Guide to Bike Racks Will Get You Rolling

If you're taking your bikes on the road, hitting some trails, or as family transportation while on a camping trip, then a bike rack may be a summer must-have.

There are many different kinds of bike racks available, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. When selecting a rack, it’s important to consider how many bikes you want to transport and whether they are delicate or expensive, requiring more security. Consider the type of vehicle you have, and how you prefer to load bikes for transport.

Your budget will be the key determiner in what kind of bike rack you may want to get. By buying a used bike rack on a site like Kijiji, you can often find a high-quality product at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Because it’s easy to check the mechanical workings of a bike rack, it’s simple to determine that a used rack is in good working condition. If you’re wondering how to buy a used car bike rack, searching Kijiji allows you to quickly narrow down results using keywords and preferred locations to find great options in your area. Once you’ve found several viable options, take the time to set up meetings to check the racks and ensure that they work correctly.

Trunk-Mounted Racks

The most basic card bike rack you can get is a trunk-mounted rack. This rack is simply a system of straps that you can attach to your trunk to hold your bikes in place behind your vehicle. These are the most affordable racks, are very adjustable, and are simple to remove and set up, making it easy to use them on different vehicles. However, they are also the least secure rack and can scratch your car if not set up properly.

Hitch-Mounted Racks

A hitch-mounted bike rack attachment is more secure and allows you to carry multiple bikes with ease. It is only compatible with vehicles that have a receiving hitch connection. This type of hitch keeps your bikes tucked in behind your vehicle to reduce drag and conserve your fuel efficiency. It also lets you skip the task of lifting bikes onto the roof of your car. If you want to invest in a hitch-mounted rack with extra features such as locks, these are available to help keep your bikes secure.

Roof-Mounted Racks

Roof-mounted racks are very secure and can carry multiple bikes. They are also often versatile and allow you to fasten other outdoor gear with ease if you want to be able to switch from carrying bikes to carrying kayaks, camping gear and more. However, roof racks tend to decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency due to drag, and you must keep your clearance in mind when driving under low trees.


If you have an expensive or large specialty bike or are transporting several bikes, you may want to opt for a small trailer instead. They are the most expensive option, but they provide full protection for your bikes and make it simple to load and unload them.

This quick car bike rack buying guide should set you well on the way to finding the ideal bike transport solution for you. Take your time searching and comparing features, and when you find the perfect fit, enjoy heading out on the road with your bikes!

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