The Odyssey in the Odyssey

Do YOU have the ‘road trip gene?’ One thing is for sure, Greg Moore does.

At age 18, a motorcycle accident left him a quadriplegic, but at age 42 it was time for a 17,000 km adventure across North America in his Honda Odyssey.

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Afflicted by a devastating case of wanderlust, Greg wanted two people to accompany him on a road trip from Kitchener, ON to Los Angeles, CA. Greg wrote a Kijiji ad searching for his travel companions, as he had used the site to successfully find people to help him with work around the house.

The deal was simple. Two people were wanted for the journey. In exchange for helping with his personal care, you would receive $25 a day plus travel expenses.

The catch?  You needed to be up for anything, not limited to the possibility of wrestling a bison and getting up close and personal with a very large ball of yarn. Oh, candidates would also need a valid driver’s license and passport.

“I thought being on the road would change my life, but it was actually coming back home that did.”

Not knowing exactly the companions he wanted was one thing, but he knew some characteristics he did not wish to be trapped with. His ad states clearly that ideal candidates “don’t snore, have excessive gas problems, or if you’re a dude, have the need to spoon to fall asleep.”

The 550-word ad took off getting more than 1000 hits in four days, encouraging 150 emails and 15 firm offers.

“It took probably two and a half to three hours to write the ad,” Greg said. “I wanted to make the ad kind of witty and interesting, so I would get some interesting people to go with me!”

Kijiji tip : Take Your Time Writing an Ad.

Not all ads are equal. Selling a Nintendo 64 is different than asking two people to travel North America with you. The more complex your request or desire is, the more time you need to make sure that you spell out exactly what you want.

Two people joined him on his adventure, ready to take on whatever came their way, from herds of elk in Yellowstone National Park to the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas.

When Greg came back, he ended up marrying Keri Cameron, the sister of one of his two travel mates.

“The trip changed my life,” Greg said. “I thought being on the road would change my life, but it was actually coming back home that did. Keri was the life changer and she was just an hour away.”

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