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When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’re going to need a survival vehicle!

Check out this vehicle that one Kijiji user created to survive a zombie outbreak.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle – Suzuki Carry Kei Mini Truck
It goes without saying that this is the ultimate promo vehicle. We used it last year to promote our haunted attraction.This thing gets more looks than the exotic cars I have driven, it truly is the ultimate promotion machine. Take it to fairs, parades, ribfests, any event where there are a lot of people. The built in coupon holders do all the promotion for you, just fill them up and let people grab them from the side of the truck.Everyone wants a photo with the truck, so simply update the vinyl graphics on the side of the truck bed to have your business or website address on it, it’s instant promotion!

If zombies are not your flavor and you just want a cool company promotional vehicle you can easily remove the vinyl graphics, weapons and zombies from the back of the vehicle and I can give you a credit for this against the purchase. You could easily recover with different vinyl or signage to promote your own business. (See the last photo without the zombies, stickers and lights). This thing gets a TON of looks, even without the zombies in the back! Its just such a unique vehicle.

The vehicle only has a 50hp engine (3cyl) so it only can reach speeds of about 90km / 55mph, good for in town, but not ideal for long highway driving. I do take it on the highway, but i wouldnt want to drive a long distance with it, better to put it on a trailer if you need to go far away.

Truck is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Here are the specs of this zombie killin machine:‘91 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck RHD

4 Speed Manual Transmission
~40,000km (25,000 Miles)
Custom Paint Job & Graphics
Custom Interior With Camo Vinyl
6’ Tall Rear Cage With Gate
3 Custom Foam Zombie Figures
Auxillary Lighting Bar & Siren
Various Pieces Of Replica Weaponry
Zombie Catch Pole (WD Style)
Rear Mounted Zombie Emergency Kit
Custom Painted Black Wheels
Aluminum Zombie Decapitating Rake





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