Comparing housing prices after a casino is built

Back in May, the City Council of Toronto voted 40-4 against a casino in the Downtown core of Toronto.  The debate of having a major casino built in Downtown Toronto was a heated one.

On one hand, a casino would of created, “10,000” new jobs but on the other hand, Torontonians felt the City did not need 11,000 casino parking spaces at a cost of $1 billion and 7.5 football fields worth of slots and card tables.

This debate will probably not be settled today on our blog but Kijiji and Rentseeker did take a look at housing prices pre and post casino.

There are many factors that go into the prices of housing but it is interesting to note that after a casino was built in the below Canadian cities, the average price for housing only moved slightly – except in Richmond, BC.  However, today, the average price of housing in most of these cities,  is greater than it was pre casino.

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Housing Prices Before and After Casino

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