Where in Canada should I rent?

Are you looking for an apartment? Ever wonder what you could get for the same amount of money in another city in Canada? Since we love infographics and are fascinated by the housing market, Kijiji and Rentseeker.ca decided to take a look at the rental market across Canada through a neat Infographic.
Did you know that Montreal has the highest number of rentals in Canada? There are approximately 449,826 rental apartments in Montreal.  In comparison, the number of rental apartments in Regina is only 40,624. Looking at the other major cities:
Can you guess where in Canada has the highest cost to rent an apartment? Vancouver! The average cost to rent a bachelor unit in Vancouver is about $910 a month. Toronto is a close second at $872 followed by Calgary at $780. Montreal, which had the highest number of rentals, will cost you $543.
Though a bachelor is the most expensive in Vancouver, one and three bedroom apartments are the most expensive in Toronto, making it less affordable for families.
Where to rent an apartment in Canada

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