Tyson George

How a teenager bought a house with money he earned on Kijiji

We meet the teenager who used Kijiji to buy three investment properties before getting his driver’s license. Tyson had lofty goals and figured out how to use Kijiji to achieve them.

Tyson George sits on his parents’ front porch in London, Ontario, staring at his phone, but he’s not chatting with his friends or watching videos. He’s browsing Kijiji’s real estate section for his next investment property. Why next? Because he’s already got three—did we mention he’s 16 years old?

Tyson’s business career got started at the age of nine, when his grandfather started taking him to auctions and yard sales, and then showed him Kijiji where he could not only find items at great prices, but sell those items quickly and easily.

‘I was too young to get a job, so I used Kijiji to make my own,’ says Tyson. ‘Laptops, phones, bedroom sets, fridges, stoves, collectables—I sold almost anything I could get my hands on.’

It was at the ripe old age of eleven when real estate appeared on his radar, and it didn’t take him long to start looking for properties on Kijiji to turn up the volume on his pint-sized hustle.

‘Just two weeks after my fifteenth birthday, I used my own money to put a down payment on a townhouse.’ adds Tyson.

If you’re wondering how a teenager gets away with buying a house, Tyson had his parents sign on his behalf and then create a trust to keep his investments safe until he’s eighteen.

‘Every single dime came from me,’ beams Tyson. ‘My parents said they wouldn’t buy me a house because then they’d have to buy houses for all of my sisters.’

Now the owner of his third investment property, the young mogul has some astonishing goals already in place, yet his advice for building wealth is simple.

‘When people ask, I tell them that I can’t think of a better way to make money than buying and selling on Kijiji,’ he explains. ‘Be honest and reply fast and you’ll have a lot of success.’

If you’re inspired by Tyson’s story, make sure to post an ad and start making money with Kijiji!

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