Using Kijiji to find your next home is easy

Whether you're looking to rent a place for the first time or are moving to a new neighbourhood, using Kijiji can be a big help. By checking out places in our real estate category, you can access tons of information about your new space right online - from reading a very detailed description of the property to examining multiple high-res photos and communicating directly with the person who is renting, so all your questions can be answered on the spot.

Why Use Kijiji?

Not only does Kijiji offer an enormous inventory of apartments for rent but our tools also make it straightforward to find an option that’s perfect for you. The selection is updated daily and has an option for almost every budget.

1. Relevant Search Results

Don’t waste time sifting through unrealistic options. Kijiji lets you search by location, rental type, agreement type, move-in date and an assortment of other attributes to help you make an informed decision. You can even search by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms if that’s what’s most important to you. Quickly find places for rent that meet your specific criteria and connect with homeowners on the same day via our chat and email features.

2. Informative Listing Pages

Once you’ve narrowed down your search using the search results, Kijiji makes it easy to figure out if a property is right for you. Each listing page displays a wealth of information regarding a specific property’s amenities, such as its size, location, available appliances and utilities, as well as whether or not it’s furnished. This is where you’ll be able to view high-quality photos of the property and read the owner’s description. If the space looks and sounds right, then you can connect with the renter/seller directly through the page.

3. Enhanced Filters

Do you have a specific set of criteria and need assistance finding a place to rent? Our inventory can be sorted through a set of enhanced filters to make finding a new property simple and pain-free. Modify search results based on their price, unit type, bedrooms, bathrooms and much more. If you want to live near your work or close to family members, you can also cater search results based on distance and location. This also includes the ability to search for specific amenities and accessibility features.

What’s In It for You?

Kijiji offers one of the most customizable search experiences for those who need help finding a new place. These tried-and-true methods help users successfully navigate enormous inventories of apartments in no time. And they allow you to do as much research as possible online.

Kijiji also makes it effortless for you to communicate with renters and sellers. You can connect using the chat service to ask questions about the properties you see, saving yourself time in the long term. Thanks to all of this information, you can feel confident that you have found the perfect home. If you are you currently looking for a new place, use Kijiji to browse the wide selection of properties that are currently available. Put the enhanced filters and catered search tools to work so you can find an apartment that meets all of your criteria. Once you have found the place of your dreams, you can ask the renter or seller for a virtual live tour of the property so you can see the features, location, etc. You can then ask questions in real time. Following all safety measures, you can also take a walk around the neighbourhood to see if it suits your style.

And if you must visit the property in-person after all your online research, please take all precautions necessary, as per Health Canada guidelines, respecting social-distancing rules and other safety protocols to help keep you and the renter/seller safe.


The well-being of you and your loved ones continues to be our number one priority. We are encouraging members of our community to consider alternative methods to meeting in-person, and when that’s unavoidable, to transact with care by making use of the best practices available. More information can be found at our Help Desk.

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