5 Reasons it’s better to go for a short term rental over a hotel on your next vacation

It’s the era of the sharing economy; there are major perks to renting a furnished apartment over staying in a chain hotel.

Planning your next vacation? Looking for somewhere warm to go during your winter reading break? Whatever your destination, consider opting for a short term rental over a hotel. Why? It’s the era of the sharing economy; there are major perks to renting a furnished apartment over staying in a chain hotel.

You’ll save money, have more options, get insider tips on your destination and create a more unique experience.

Still not convinced? We break down the top five benefits below.

5 Reasons It’s Better to Go for a Short Term Rental over a Hotel

1. It’s cheaper. 
Apartment and house rentals offer better rates for extended stays for singles, couples, families, business travelers, groups, or anyone looking for something cheaper than a hotel, but swankier than a hostel.

2. Self catering. Apartment and house rentals enable you to prepare your own food. When you grocery shop and cook for yourself, you can still have a great local foodie experience without dropping lots of cash on three restaurant meals a day.

3. More locations. When you stay in a hotel, you often stay in a downtown, touristy neighbourhood without character. When you choose an apartment rental, you have more choices. You can cherry pick areas where the locals live; you can choose to experience a neighbourhood with a distinct character. You tap into the pulse of the city. And so you get a richer experience.

4. Inspiration. Traveling is meant to shake up your habits and perspective so you come home inspired and refreshed. When you rent an apartment, you get a tiny glimpse of how someone else lives. While a hotel (even a boutique hotel) is comparatively soulless, a rental home is a carefully curated space. Anything – from the distinct decor, to a book in the bookshelf to the breathtaking view from their window – might prove to be the catalyst that changes how you do things back at home.

5. Insider perspective. Among the coolest things about short term apartment rentals is the quirky advice you get from the individual who rents out their home. Not everybody host does it, but in many instances you’ll find a list of their favourite restaurants and cafes, nightlife calendars, tips for scenic excursions and local parks, bus/train schedules and more. You never know what you’re going to get.

Kijiji vacation rentals are located in all sorts of tantalizing, warm weather locations including California, Arizona, Florida and throughout the Caribbean. Browse the full list of short term vacation rentals here.

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