Planning for Different Types of Fishing Trip Options

When planning a fishing trip, there's plenty to consider, making this a getaway that you can tailor right to your style.

Are you craving a traditional escape to the great outdoors, or looking for a more comfortable fishing experience in a cozy lodge? Do you want to fish on the ocean, in a river, or on a lake? Make your trip decisions as a group to ensure that you pick the option that is the best fit for everyone’s experience level and personalities. Here are a few of the different kinds of fishing trips to consider.

Fishing lodge

A fishing lodge may be the most luxurious option, and is ideal for those who aren’t very experienced outdoors. Spend the day out on the river, a lake or the sea, and come home to the lodge in the evenings for a hot shower and deep sleep in a soft, warm bed. The evenings can be enjoyed relaxing with your buddies with drink by a bonfire or in a hot tub, or watching a movie, playing a game or simply reading, depending on the lodge’s amenities. Certain lodges even include a team who can filet and prepare the day’s catch so it’s ready to take home, or a chef to cook up a meal from the day’s fish.

Deep sea fishing trip

Another option if you’re craving creature comforts is to book a deep sea fishing trip, and spend your time relaxing on a boat. You’ll be able to spend the day feeling free on the ocean, before relaxing on or below deck at the end of the day. Saltwater fishing also allows you to angle for fish you may not be able to catch anywhere else. Fishing guides will help you if needed, making this perfect for a first fishing trip.

Guided camping trip

If you’re looking for a real departure from civilization and are a confident outdoors person, you may want to simply hire a guide for a camping trip and rent a small boat to fish from and transport equipment to your campground. This way, you can move around to cover more areas where fish may be, and you can unwind and enjoy the feeling of being completely out in the wilderness. This is a more traditional style of fishing trip, where you can filet your own fish and cook meals over a campfire, or you may choose to hire a guide who can help you with prepping your catches.

Stay local

If you’re looking to keep your fishing trip within a lower budget, hire a guide to take you out to a local river or lake just for the day. With a good guide who is familiar with the best spots, you should be able to reel in a good catch, and still make it home to sleep in your own bed at the end of the day.
Once you have an idea of the kind of trip, it’s time to consider the details. Different fish are more active in different seasons, so try to base the timing of your trip around the fish you want to catch. Keep in mind that summer and fall are often better for fish activity. Pack light to suit your trip, and don’t forget the basics: bug spray, sunblock, layers of clothing, flashlights and camping gear if needed. If you have your own rod and tackle, you’re mostly set for the trip, but check for specialized lures or bait for the fish you’re after. If you don’t have your own equipment, find out if you can rent or buy equipment from a local shop or from the lodge or boat you’re booking.

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