So, what is the
Second-Hand Economy exactly?

It can be buying a gently used TV or donating baby clothes to a new mom. It might be selling your couch or trading camera equipment with a friend. Any time you sell, swap, buy or donate a used item, you’re a part of the second-hand economy.


of Canadians participated in the second-hand economy last year – this likely includes you and your neighbours too!

Canadians earned an average of


per year

...and saved an average of


per year through buying in the second-hand economy

Canadians spent:

$27.3 billion

in the second-hand economy last year.

that's equal to:


of Canada’s GDP

Check out how to make the second-hand economy work for you:

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Where do you fit in the second-hand economy?

  • Spending by region
The West
  • The West
  • Prairies
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic Canada

In 2018, the West region had the highest Intensity Index (the average number of second-hand items exchanged per person per year) across the country at 96.

Last year, the Prairies had an Intensity Index equivalent to the national average at 82.

Ontarians cumulated an Intensity Index of 85, slightly above the national average.

With an Intensity Index of 59, Quebec had the lowest score in Canada in 2018.

On the far east of the country, the Atlantic region cumulated an Intensity Index of 85 in 2018.

Why take part in the second-hand economy?



make a little extra on the side


help protect the environment


get rid of things or save space


help others and give opportunities

Why give?

Why get?


find deals to save money

Treasure hunt

search for unique & valuable items


help protect the environment


repair or create something new

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