These Easy-to-Find Camera Accessories Will Make Your Photos Amazing

Accessories are arguably the biggest pro secret to amazing photos. See which ones will take your photo game to the next level.

Taking a great photo doesn’t only depend on the quality of your camera. Sometimes, it’s your accessories that make a tricky shot possible, keeps your equipment safe or takes your photography to the next level. There are plenty of photography accessories on the market, but some can have more impact on your work than others. If you’re wondering what the different camera accessories are, and which are the best to start with, this list should help.


Often more important than the camera body itself, lenses are the most basic DSLR camera accessories to invest in. A different lens instantly changes what you are capable of capturing. Whether you want to shoot fast-action sports, zoom in on distant wildlife, snap a beautiful portrait or capture minute detail. The quality of the lens is also important in ensuring high-quality shots.


If you are shooting long-exposure photography, such as shots in the dark, at night or HDR photos, a camera tripod is an essential accessory to keep your photos looking sharp. When shooting in the dark, your DSLR’s shutter must stay open longer to capture enough light to form the photo. During this period, the camera must be absolutely still to avoid blurring the image, and this requires a tripod. High-quality tripods are rugged, with bearings and parts that won’t wear out quickly.


A protection filter for your lens protects the sensitive glass from scratches and marks. For expensive lenses, it is an important piece of DSLR camera equipment to keep your investment safe from everyday damage. Filters are inexpensive and simple to fit onto your lens. UV and polarizing filters can also affect the quality of the light entering your camera, adding a style choice to your images.

Spare Batteries

There’s nothing worse than getting an opportunity for a great shot and having your batteries die just as you raise your camera. Investing in a spare battery or two is essential if you’re planning on shooting for longer periods of time. If you plan to shoot lots in areas with no space to charge a battery, several spares may be important. If you are shooting in spaces where you can recharge, you’ll still want to invest in at least one spare battery so you can continue shooting while charging the other.

Camera Bag

A camera bag is a must-have to keep your equipment safely protected and organized. When you head out to shoot, you may need to pack not only your camera but an array of lenses, filters, batteries and memory cards. A sturdy camera bag helps you keep all of these items in place, and protects them with padding and structured design.

Neck Strap

A more humble piece of DSLR camera equipment, a neck strap is nonetheless vital. Cameras and lenses are highly sensitive tools that can be irreparably broken if dropped. A neck strap keeps your camera secure and catches it in case it slips from your grip. It also makes it very convenient to carry your camera along with you and keep it close for the perfect shot. Invest in a padded one to keep it feeling comfortable on your neck.

If you’re on the hunt for what camera accessories to buy, it’s best to begin by investing in these basics. Many of these items can be found lightly used on sites like Kijiji. Simply research which accessories are compatible with your camera, and search online using specific model names and keywords to find the ideal match for your gear.

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