Catching Pokemon Go ads on Kijiji

So, you gotta catch ‘em all? No problem! We’ve got you covered when it comes to ads featuring the Pokemon Go phenomenon.

There are all sorts of ads that you could sift through, but we found the best ones for you.

Talk about a garage sale genius! It’s tempting just to see who is behind this clever ad that has “gotta sell ‘em all”. Makeup and Pokestops here we come!


You definitely need to get a Pokemon Go egg walker if you have to catch up on your Netflix or go to work. It takes time to hatch an egg, but this person is offering to do this task at a reasonable fee with only a minimum of one egg and one incubator. Yes, please walk my egg!


Mom, I’m applying for a Pokemon Go driving job. There’s a list of qualifications and hopefully you got ‘em all. It states we should be supportive if this Pokemon player loses a battle. Does that mean I have to share my McDonalds?


There are all sorts of ads for Pokemon Go rides, but what about a ride, which will include beverages, snacks, charging cable (lightning bolt and micro-usb), power bank, and unlimited AC in the car. Not only will you be in a BEAUTIFUL vehicle, but a discounted rate for three of you. Sign me up!


This is definitely for the parents who can’t keep up with their kid’s excessive play of Pokemon Go. You can always hire a Pokemon Go guardian! He will not only look after your kids while you’re at work, but also drive the kids around to become a Pokemon master. Also, he’s like your kid’s personal bodyguard that knows martial arts. I might need my own bodyguard.


These guys are business savvy using Pokemon Go to kick off this epic summer event. A Pokemon movie is scheduled for the evening on their patio. This is a full day of Pokemon love. I can even show up dressed up as Pikachu!


Hail to the Pokestops! This ambitious business is putting the word out that Pokestops are a great marketing tool for your business. Are you the chosen one?


It takes a lot of guts to put an ad out there looking for new friendships. This guy is certainly a multi-tasker who can play Pokemon Go and take photographs. I can’t even walk and drink coffee at the same time.


Well, this can certainly start an argument on which team is better. You can leave a sticker mark for Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor. This could be a sticky situation if the Pokegym is someone’s home.


Someone is offering Pokemon tracking and acquisition assistance. They are definitely not a riding service, but will get you to the relevant location safely.


Go for the best deal bundle and get a group picture at each stop! You can show off those pictures later. They even require parents to bring their kids with them to the Pokestops or any other location. We like this safety talk. Please remember to play Pokemon Go safely for your sake and others. Let’s go!

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