Read This Guide to Finding the Perfect e-Reader

There's nothing like getting lost in a good book and an e-reader makes it easy to bring along your own private library wherever you go — minus the weight. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect one.

Deciding on Features

The main determining feature may be which features you want from your e-reader. Do you want a basic e-reader that simply stores ebooks, or do you want internet browsing options and the ability to use apps? If you are simply looking for an e-reader to replace hard-copy books, consider aspects such as ease of navigation, storage space and battery life. The differences between these features will be the key between various basic models.

For avid readers, plenty of storage space and a long-lasting battery life will be the main aspects to compare. If you prefer to simply have one or two books on hand at a time, a tablet may make more sense, as it provides versatile function apart from solely being an e-reader. Also, more basic e-readers can be very affordable, while tablets jump quickly in price.

Screen Type

ebooks feature different screen technologies and sizes that can affect your reading experience. Take the time to research different screens and see which feels most comfortable on your eyes. If possible, visit a store to test out various types of e-readers before making a selection.

ebook Format

Research which ebook readers are compatible with which ebook formats. ebooks come in a variety of file formats, and it’s important to verify that the file type will work on the type of ebook you invest in. Some of the most common formats are epub files and PDFs, but there are many formats out there to accommodate graphic novels, books with embedded images and more. If you are partial to reading a certain genre of book, double-check which ebook formats it is most commonly available before investing in an e-reader.

Shopping for Used e-Readers

Shopping for a used e-reader can be a great way to stretch your cash. Searching on an online site such as Kijiji can be an ideal way to find readers that suit your criteria and are for sale in your area. The search filters allow you to perform highly specific searches to find exactly what you need.

When looking for a digital book reader, be sure to consider how old the e-reader is. While it may still respond well and function quickly, older e-readers may not have batteries that hold a charge as well as newer models. Once you’ve found a promising option online, be sure to set up a meeting to check it first-hand. You’ll want to check the screen for any scratches or damage and be sure that navigation works correctly and the battery holds a charge. Once you’ve found an e-reader that you like, invest in a case to protect it from drops and pressure on the screen. If you like reading by the pool, you may want to find a reader that boasts waterproof features to help keep it safe from accidental spills.

With this range of tips in mind on how to buy a used ebook reader, you should be ready to find a reader that complements your book-loving needs. Happy reading!

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