Simple ways to improve your at-home tech for work and play

As COVID-19 has forced us all to spend more time at home than ever before, it's important that we have the necessary tools and toys to make indoor life as functional and fun as possible. COVID-19 has given us all the opportunity to re-imagine and update our home tech setups to be optimized for working, playing, schooling and living.

Whether it’s directly related to working from home, helping your kids do school from home or just making the most of everyday life, Kijiji offers a wide assortment of inventive tech to make your home ready for whatever else 2020 might have in store.


Work from home

In addition to your work laptop or desktop computer, there are a number of innovative items that can make working from home a breeze. Experts agree that having a dedicated workspace greatly improves productivity, reduces stress and makes it easier to transition from home-life to work-life without actually leaving your home. A monitor will drastically improve your work experience at home. Not only does it potentially double your computer’s digital real estate, but dedicated monitors can also be height adjusted more easily than laptops to prevent you from craning your neck.

If you’re working at home with a bored and frustrated family running around behind you, a must-have tech item is a good pair of headphones. Certain noise-canceling headphones are able to effectively drown out the world around you so that you can focus solely on the assignment in front of you. Many pairs come with a built-in microphone which, when paired with a high-quality webcam, will come in handy for those face-to-face Zoom meetings.


School from home

Your children will likely need many of the same tech for school that you need for your own work from home set-up. A laptop, desktop computer or tablet will be absolutely crucial for your little ones to connect with both teachers and classmates, while headphones and a webcam make it easier for them to stay engaged throughout the school day.

Kids are likely to find the change to working and learning at home even more difficult than you, so it’s important to be patient and help whenever possible. While traditional tutors are no longer able to visit and help students get extra help in-person, Kijiji Village is making it easy for families to connect with a large selection of trained tutors online.


Everyday life

Aside from work and school, there are a number of fun ways to upgrade your home with technology. Whether you want to make it easier to connect with friends and family or find new ways to entertain the kids, Kijiji has a number of options available. Try setting up a new home theatre with a robust sound system or try your hand at digital photography. It’s an easy way to appreciate the small things and give your surroundings a new perspective. A video game console also makes fun for the whole family and can give kids something to do when you need to get some extra work done.

Visit Kijiji today to find a wide selection of new and gently used tech to make working and living at home a little bit easier during COVID-19.

Your well-being is our number one priority. Consider whether in-person transactions are necessary and visit our Help Desk for more information and guidance on how to trade or buy safely.

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