The DSLR lenses you need for better snaps

Consider what you prefer shooting, as a landscape photographer will need different lenses than a portrait photographer, an event photographer and so on. Remember that different camera brands need specifically designed lenses, so a Canon lens will not work on a Nikon camera and vice versa.

There are also lens brands such as Sigma and Tamron, that make lenses for most major DSLR brands, so double-check compatibility before you buy. Here are some tips to help you find the best lens fit for you:


Kit Lens

The first lens you will usually end up with is your kit lens, which is optionally included with the body of your DSLR camera when you buy it. Because this lens is bundled with the camera, it will be cheaper than buying it by itself, so always opt to add it to your purchase. It is typically 18-55 mm zoom lens, which allows you to get a subtle wide-angle effect as well zoom in on subjects further away, making it a highly versatile lens that is perfect for getting started in photography.


Wide-Angle Lens

Featuring around a 14-24mm f/2.8 focal range, the wide-angle lens lets you capture a wider range of view around you, and makes things that are close appear further away. This makes it ideal for shooting dramatic landscape scenes, event photography, real estate and nature.


Telephoto Lens

If you’re looking to get up close to far-away subjects, the telephoto lens is the one you’ll want. These hefty lenses feature a focal range of 70-200mm f/2.8 and allow you to zoom right in and capture details of a distant subject, making it ideal for nature photographers seeking to capture an unaware subject. If you’re looking for a camera to shoot sports events with, this is also the perfect choice, as you’ll be able to catch the action, even if it’s happening far out in the field.


Macro Lens

If you’re interested in capturing the minute details of the world, you’ll want to look into macro lens options. This short lens is usually fixed and features an aperture of f/2.8 or f/2.5. This is the lens you’ll want to capture the details of a tiny insect, flower or the iris of the eye.


Portrait Lens

For those who make people the subject of their photos, a portrait lens will give you that boost in quality you need to make your shots stand out. This lens features a wide aperture, making it a fast lens that will shoot well, even when the light is low. It will also give you a shallow depth of field, blurring the background while keeping your subject’s face sharp, or in other cases, allowing you to focus on one aspect of your subject’s face and keep the rest of them soft.


There are fantastic lens options available for most DSLR cameras, but for photographers looking to elevate their game, the greatest selections of lenses will be designed to work with either a Nikon or Canon camera, as these two brands lead the way in DSLR photography. No matter the brand, look into lens reviews and take a look at images taken with the lenses you like to see the possibilities before you buy. Happy lens hunting!

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