Get the best deals on laptops, phones and other tech after the holidays

Did your holiday haul bring you a bounty of ugly sweaters instead of the latest tech? Well, there's no reason to worry, because even if your gifts didn't match up with your holiday wish list, you can take matters into your own hands to make things right.

There are tons of great deals on televisions, laptops, gaming gear, and other tech gifts right after the holidays, and Kijiji is the best place to find them. Let’s look at how to land the best tech deals if your gifts this year turned out to be a little underwhelming.

Search online classifieds

Right after the holidays is an excellent time to browse the online classifieds for great deals. Many people receive gifts that are an upgrade from the tech they already own, leading them to post great goods online, often at a fraction of what they would cost new.  Others may have received tech presents they’ll never use. In this case, they may choose to sell them online and make some money, rather than just hold onto them. This makes the post-holiday period ideal to find like-new tech at unbeatable prices.

Tips for maximizing your search for the best tech

If you are looking for a particular item, decide on the features that are important to you before you begin browsing. For example, when shopping for a TV, decide on the minimum or maximum size you want, or when looking for a laptop, pick the brands that you want to focus your search on.  Use these features as search keywords to help narrow your results down to relevant items that suit your criteria. Whether you’re looking to add the latest video game to your collection, upgrade your living room TV, or switch out your smartphone, shopping online classifieds like Kijiji is a great way to get real value for your money.

Check for these items repeatedly throughout the day, as the best deals may go quickly. However, don’t fret as plenty of new items are continually added during this peak time.

Comparison shop to prepare

You don’t have to get crushed by the crowds on Boxing Day! From the comfort of your home, you can keep an eye on promotional emails and advertised holiday sale prices, as well as the regular prices of the items on your wish list, to get an idea of what everything you want is selling for. Doing this research ahead of time will help you identify the best deals when shopping online for used tech.

Don’t miss deals on smaller-ticket items

While big-ticket items like laptops, TVs, and phones are obvious items to hunt for after the holidays, don’t forget that people will sell smaller tech items as well. Whether you’re looking for a new set of headphones, want to outfit your home with quality speakers or are completing a music, movie, or game collection, the post-holiday season is the ideal time to look for all of your tech needs. Set an appropriate budget and then let yourself indulge in that home cinema system that’s more of a want than a need, or that camera that will finally let you pursue your interest in photography.


With so many great Boxing Day and post-holiday deals out there, there’s no reason why you should settle for gifts you don’t want. This year, be your own elf and get the tech you desire at prices you love, by hunting down the best tech deals on Kijiji.

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