How to Turn your Home into a Smart Home with Lights, Thermostats & More

Converting your home into a smart home can help make your life easier, keep your household safe and even save you money in the long run.

But what does a connected home mean, and what are the specific ways it can help you?  Here’s some advice to help you understand what connected home technology is and how it can improve your everyday life.

A Hub or Speaker

A big key to smart home technology is a hub or speaker, which works to receive your commands and sends a signal out to your smart home devices to respond. While a basic hub can be controlled through your phone or even an old-school remote, a speaker hub allows you to speak commands aloud and have your devices respond.


If you’ve ever wanted to turn lights on or off without getting up, wifi connected lighting is a smart home must-have for you. This feature can be ideal if you’re already settled in bed or on the couch and want to switch off the lights, or if you are dimming ambient lighting to set a laid-back mood. Smart lights also let you control lights in your home when you are away, giving the appearance that your house is occupied to ward off potential trouble.

Temperature Control

Switching to a smart thermostat can actually be an investment that will save you money. By programming the thermostat to run in sync with your schedule, you can ensure that the heat is never on when it doesn’t need to be, and save on your utility bill. If your schedule changes at the last minute, you can always make adjustments through your phone to adjust the thermostat’s program.


Smart wireless speakers and sound systems let you control the music in your home with a few words or the tap of an app.  This can be perfect for the moments when you walk in the door and want to pick up the energy in your home or have your hands busy, but want to start or stop music.

Smart Locks

Forget about leaving the house, and then wondering if you remembered to lock the door. Smart locks allow you to double-check from your phone. You can also skip having to be home to let friends or family in. Some smart locks can even sense if you are near and unlock your home for you as you approach the door.

Security System and Smoke Detector

Get some peace of mind when you opt for smart home technology to run your security system and smoke detector. Smart home products work to keep you informed about the state of your home, no matter where you are. Many security systems feature live cameras that can be accessed anytime through your phone to check on your home. A smart smoke alarm will send you an alert whenever any smoke is detected, ensuring that you can catch emergencies early.

Smart Plugs

Plugging any device into a smart plug can instantly add it to your smart grid. A smart plug allows you to remotely control the power flowing to a device, allowing you to turn it on and off remotely. This can help you save power if you need to turn something off when you’re not home or allow you to prepare your home ahead of time for when you plan to arrive.

If you’re looking to upgrade your household with connected home devices, keep an eye on classifieds sites like Kijiji for the best deals. As technology develops, it can be an ideal time to scoop up used smart home technology as people upgrade to newer models. With this list, you should be up-to-date on what are the best devices for a connected home, and ready to start your search.

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