Kijiji PayPal

A new mobile payment option for even easier

You can now quickly send and receive money with PayPal through the Kijiji app at in-person meet-ups.



If you don’t have time to stop at the bank, prefer to not carry cash or like using credit and have a card that’s linked to a PayPal account, you now have a new payment option to easily pay or receive money directly from your phone.



You can skip the cash exchange but buyers and sellers still need to meet in person for buyers to inspect items before payment.



Whether or not you want to start using PayPal is totally up to you. It’s a payment option, but not your only one.

3 simple steps

1 - Link

Link your PayPal account to the Kijiji app in the “My Kijiji” page to get started.

Step 1

2 - Meet

Meet face to face to inspect the item and confirm the exchange.

Step 2

3 - Request payment

The seller can request a PayPal payment through in-app messaging and the buyer can easily reply by sending a PayPal payment.

Step 3


PayPal is a secure way for buyers and sellers to exchange money electronically

Seller Fees

If you receive money through PayPal for selling goods or services, the fee for each transaction is 2.9% of the transaction amount, plus $0.30.
See terms. Buying with PayPal is always free.

Discover an easy way to pay and get paid.

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