Dogs vs. Cats Debate: Who Wins the Internet?

Dogs vs. Cats: Report reveals who won the battle for the internet

Dogs vs. cats. It’s the ultimate rivalry. It’s time to take sides. Sparky is very loving but high maintenance. Mittens is standoffish yet independent. Which pet comes out on top in the battle for human affection? Which pet wins in the battle for internet attention? A new Kijiji report “Dogs vs. Cats” has the answer. We break down the Kijiji findings in pet ownership and viral click bait below.

When it comes to buying or adopting a dog versus buying or adopting a cat, Canadians prefer cats. But not by much. The furry friends are neck in neck. 35 per cent of Canadian households own a cat. 32 per cent of Canadian households own a dog.

In the war for the internet however, cats win paws down. The Kijiji survey looked at data for dogs vs. cats on social networking sites such as,, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The survey found that cats are more popular subject matter, with 96 million points versus 83 million for canines.

Dogs vs Cats

Dog vs. cat data for the major social networking websites

Once you have found your new furry bestie, here’s what you need to know about where dog owners and cat owners share pet moments on the internet.

Although cats won overall in the battle for the web popularity, the results varied by social networking site. Looking in greater depth at each website, the content style (blog, video, photo) has a major impact on which pet comes out ahead.

Reddit users prefer cats to dogs because of their innate snarkiness, which usually makes for more clickable posts., the mother of all kitty memes with endless scrolls of lolcats since 2007, demonstrates that cat personalities are superior for images with a comical caption. Cats are consistently more popular click bait here than any other animal. Of about 10,000 search results, cats accounted for about 85 per cent of the community-generated content, while dogs only had 15.

On YouTube, the top 10 cat videos received 712.8 million views while the top 10 dog videos only had 586.6 million views. Interestingly however, dogs are closing in. Looking at data just for the last year, dog videos were more popular. Summary: both types of pets make great videos.

For no known reason, on Instagram, catstagrams are more popular than dogstagrams.

On Facebook, dogs are ferociously in the lead. Fido has nearly four times as many likes on Facebook topics page than cats. People tend to use Facebook to share emotional moments, as opposed to irony, and here dogs have cats licked. Even on Reddit, where cats do better overall, in the “Awww” section, the self-proclaimed home of the cutest things on the internet, dogs get more top-rated post because of their usually warm and altruistic personalities.

So, which pet would you rather own, a dog or a cat?